Analu is unique among the pack Posted on 21/11/2020 By God

Analu is unique among the pack

In hotels of Argentina it is very common to find the services of companion lady that many women offer, they always recommend pages like Argentine XP to find that girl you are looking for so much for a night of pleasure, recalling my moments of scenes and a night of gloating with those women I remember only one that left me completely crazy.

The herd was called the club, looking among so many girls I came across a photo where only a delicate translucent red lace suit was shown that showed her nipples and the silhouette of her delicate body and sex highlighting the tone of her pale skin, her face capped combined with beautiful straight blonde hair that reached below her shoulders.

In the specifications it said it was a companion lady that he loved the scenes before the meetings in the hotels, I was very interested, since I am a man who not only sees the physical, but the content in their heads excites me much more, so I decided to hire Analu's service.

I was waiting for her sitting in the hotel restaurant, we had arranged to see each other at 7 p.m. that same day, she arrived with a white lace dress that highlighted her voluptuous figure, her lips painted passion red and her green eyes framed with a The dark gray color made her look like a goddess, I was immediately excited when I realized that under her dress she was wearing that sexy red lace dress from the photo.

Sitting at the table we began to talk about her life of how she came to be a companion lady and of all hotels that he had stepped on and the scenes I had had, the more she talked to me the more I immersed myself in my thoughts of wanting to fuck her I couldn't stand it anymore I started to sweat and my penis was so erect that she could feel it, she immediately told me that whenever we wanted we could go to the room so I asked for the counts and we go up quickly.

I did not expect anything and immediately I already had my hands on her, her waist was so small and delicate that it could fit in my hands, I tore her dress and I could appreciate that red lace in the photo that encouraged me so much to possess her, I began to kiss Her breasts on the lace and I went down little by little to her sex licking the lips of her vagina, she was completely wet, it was delicious to feel her fluids fall on my lips so I separated her underwear with my fingers and I began to give her a delicious oral, she she moaned in delight in the pleasure that only I could give her at that moment, her legs were shaking and I could see that her face turned completely red every time she reached an orgasm.

She asked me to stop that I could no longer with so much pleasure I told her that that night I would be the one who was going to take her that I would only enjoy what I was going to offer her, I began to brush my penis on her sex with gentle movements spreading her fluids over her lips until that I inserted it completely through the orifice of her vagina, my goodness! What a divine woman, she was so wet that my penis came out and I couldn't keep it inside, she just screamed and moaned with pleasure, those moans made me go crazy and made me give it harder.

I was taking over the moment giving it in four contemplating its silhouette and its rich buttocks hitting my pelvis, they bounced and bounced when giving it those exquisite spankings that made me release those delicious cries of pleasure and beg for mercy in the face of the brutality of my sex, I stopped and her I took her by the hair, I put her on her knees in front of me, I told her to open her mouth and I began to insert my penis into her, she felt hot wet and the play of her league and her hands on my balls rolled my eyes, I finished on the face and part of her breasts, it was one of the most pleasant orgasms I had.

Analu did not expect that that night I gave him so much pleasure that he decided not to charge me for his services he told me that it had been the best sex he had had so far and that he thanked me for so much, that night Analu's intelligence and submission made me see that She was the best of her pack, always since that time I seek to have my encounters with her.

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