Hi, I'm Ashly from ArgXP, your sex guide Posted on 08/07/2022 By God

Hi, I'm Ashly from ArgXP, your sex guide

tell you something about me. I was born in Venezuela, and I have always lived my sexuality very freely. Already in my native country I worked as an escort at the age of 19, but for a very short time. Both there and here I have maintained an independence that allows me to have a perfectly separate professional life and emotional life, both very satisfying. That is why I am an expert escort in threesome sexual orientation.
I was never afraid of the word “promiscuity”, because for me sex is, above all, a way of exercising love that allows you to meet people, have fun and give the best of yourself. That allowed me, from a very young age, to live it without complexes or guilt. I can say that this is not why I neglected other important things, such as education. Not only am I offering sexual orientation with a focus on threesomes: I have a degree in Social Communication.
In the periods when I was exclusively monogamous, after some time I used to become irritable, frustrated and dissatisfied, even though I had the best sex in the world with my partner. I was always missing something, and it was nothing more and nothing less than having sex with more people. That is why my best emotional state is when I can have at least two stable and formal partners.

my specialty

A new world opened up to me when, after being an escort at events and experiencing many variants of sexual practice, I discovered what would be a true passion: Threesomes! Today I can consider myself an expert in this matter, and guarantee full satisfaction to those who want to live this magnificent experience with me. Whether with men, women or couples, the fun and pleasure that a good threesome provides cannot be compared to anything. It is only necessary that there is an expert guide, at least if there are two beginners in the modality. And I want to be your sex guide!

Change of life, but not of habits

My intensive and non-exclusive sexual practices did not prevent me from finding a man who always supported me and loved me just the way I was. Who I married and was able to start a family. Unfortunately, you can't be happy in a country with unhappy people, that's why we came to Argentina, I tried different jobs, we started with personal projects, but soon I thought it would be great to use my natural inclination towards sex to get more income, and I went back to be an escort I raised it with my partner, and of course he had no problem, because he knew of my tendency, of the strict care I adopt and of my ability to separate my private life from my profession very well.

a sexy present

Today and here, already as Ashly, your sexual guide, I can say that I enjoy both my work and my family, being a happy wife, mother and lover. Nothing prevents me from enjoying my dates, with my husband and with my lover, since I have those spheres perfectly divided. I only work during the day, I am very careful when selecting my clients, I have few daily meetings because my criteria and my independence allow me. And everyone values ​​my skills as an expert escort in sexual orientation and threesomes.
As I said, I love threesomes, and I love being able to release the hidden desires of couples, those that if you don't make them come true will haunt you forever. That's why I love to share the adrenaline and the pleasure that sex gives me. I can live with the emotional balance that my family gives me, plus the economic tranquility that I have as an escort with high experience in sexual guidance. And of course, I have the personal satisfaction of helping others who enjoy more of one of the most beautiful aspects of life.
¡I wait for you, and you can personally experience my sweetness, my skill, and the joy with which sex can be experienced! My specialty: Being your sexual guide in threesomes.

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