Financial domination - Take pleasure in giving money to others Posted on 13/08/2021 By Carlos

Financial domination - Take pleasure in giving money to others

In the world of sexual pleasure, the ways in which a man can experience arousal are very varied, and probably one of the least known is the financial dominance.

As part of the erotic spectrum that surrounds the practices related to BDSM. The financial dominance it is an art of delicate balance that has gained notoriety in recent years. It involves a relationship where a person with sufficient purchasing power gives control of their money to another; to spend and manage as you see fit.

This type of domination is especially difficult to explain and categorize, as perceived sexual satisfaction does not occur through any physical contact or sensual fantasy; Rather, it arises from the emotion that the slave feels when he feels deprived of his economic power.

Your money no longer belongs to you, you have no control over it; in return, he provides luxuries for his Dominatrix and she tells him exactly what or how he can afford to spend it. And maybe if you just settle for this simple view of what is considered the financial dominance, the idea may not sound very attractive to you, especially if you are one of those who struggle every day to make ends meet.

After all, the purpose of paying someone just for the pleasure of limiting your finances; it is not something that anyone can assume. But that is exactly why men, with many zeros in their bank account, seek this kind of service; as a way to release negative feelings related to it.

Financial domination

Despite everything, the financial dominance it is an exhilarating practice; although very expensive, the gratification of which is associated with complex feelings and many times it does not even require a “relationship” to carry it out. It all depends on the specific needs of the slave that must be satisfied to achieve sexual pleasure.

So if you are interested in knowing how it is possible to reach orgasm by leaving your money in the hands of someone else; here we explain what is financial domination and how you can start practicing it.

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What is true financial domination?

To determine for sure what is the reasoning behind a practice like financial dominance; We must remember that like all erotic elements related to the BDSM world, it is also based on the principle of compensation.

Unlike the Dominant / submissive or Sadistic / masochistic relationship, financial domination has nothing to do with sexual games such as bondage or hitting; Rather, it is tied to making payments or transactions (regularly by wealthy men) to Dominatrix women with the intelligence, character, and ability to use their brilliant minds to manipulate, humiliate, blackmail or make them feel inferior or needy.

And it is that for these men whose economic power is so high that normally few things can stop them; Coming face to face with a dominant who is shamelessly going to strip them of all their greatness and demand more and more of them is the stimulus they need to reach orgasm.

Of course, this depends on what specific emotion the slave needs to arouse in order to feel sexually aroused; as it may simply be the desire to see himself as a provider and indulge all the whims of his mistress.

But whatever phase you want to try, the only thing that is clear is that while your mistress is spending your money on the best things she can buy; you will probably use the humility of a popular market to support you throughout the duration of your relationship.

Why is it so satisfying?

While financial dominance may sound like a bad joke, it can actually bring incredible pleasure.

On a psychological level, most men who resort to this practice do it to feel useful when the constant gain loses meaning or because they feel guilty believing that they have not done enough to deserve it. Others just want to regain the urge to strive for more knowing that they have a mistress whom they must satisfy.

On a smaller scale, knowing that someone else is pleased with what you worked so hard to provide produces an intoxicating feeling. Things like watching her wear clothes that were bought with your money.

This fact probably takes force with the cultural change of ideology related to gender, as women now take control of their own lives; the role of men as the breadwinner or sole provider is no longer relevant.

With this, a surprising number of millionaire men find themselves in unsatisfying relationships; with complexes related to money that have rendered them incapable of obtaining pleasure by more ordinary methods; and they turn to financial dominance to find someone who can help them eliminate that feeling.

Photo 2 Financial domination – Feel pleasure giving money to others

How can you practice financial dominance?

To practice financial domination you must first have a constant flow of money with which you can pay a professional to be your Dominatrix. They don't like wasting time with calls or meetings; if the subject who is interested in their services does not really have the money to pay them.

If you still think you have what it takes, you can access numerous web pages dedicated exclusively to exercising the financial dominance; where you will find a wide range of Dominatrices with the description of their service so that you can choose who you think may be the right one for you.

Reach a thorough agreement on the terms in which the relationship will be developed and make the payment, if you are not looking for something stable, you can pay for sessions and adjust your interests based on each experience.


With the financial dominance, the pleasure of giving someone else the power to do what they want with your money can be an incredible stimulant. BDSM is a wide world where you can find something perfect for you; And yes, you can try it from the hand of a beautiful Argentine escort.

Among the services of some VIP escorts, there are some with domination services with which you can experience an approach to these erotic practices. Similarly, in our blog you can find all kinds of information on how to play BDSM with toys of an escort.

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