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Escorts Lingerie - The Secret of Seduction

As a fundamental piece, the escorts lingerie it is always the client's first visual tasting; as for provoking and inciting him erotically. A suitable fiery lingerie will stimulate anyone's imagination; especially if you wear it and you are willing to fulfill the fantasies of who hired you.

Each girl is unique, so the lingerie according to body type is the ideal, every Argentine escort it has its attributes that stand out in relation to others; So having the right underwear will make you shine like a star.

The lingerie of the escorts It is an implement used from the youngest to the mature ones; as well as it is used by BDSM practitioners, those who perform erotic massages, those who join a specific role play, those who dance in a sensual way; and of course the stripteases.

Importance of lingerie for escorts

If you are a escort girl that is starting, you will be interested to know that a hot underwear is essential to seduce your customers; especially men, who just by seeing you can immediately become aroused.

Just as when in your daily life you worry about dressing well according to the occasion. The importance of lingerie It lies in having the right clothes that enhance your beauty and make you feel safe with yourself.

Through textures such as the softness of silk or satin or the daring of lace and mesh-knit garments. The escorts lingerie It is the representation of the femininity that you carry inside, it is the expression of your creativity, elegance and personality.

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Lescorts gum according to body type

The rule that should reign is that you feel good with the lingerie you are wearing, that you feel worthy, a sensual lady who captivates her clients. Although you will already know in advance that taking care of your figure and image is the cornerstone of your profession, we will briefly tell you some aspects about the best escorts lingerie.


Worn since before Victorian times, its use is highly prized for highlighting curves, narrowing the waist and lifting the breasts. Men generally request this garment at CABA escorts when they want to have an encounter with BDSM practices.

The favorite colors for this garment are black and red, it is ideal to seduce and provoke, men go crazy with this lingerie. You can wear it no matter if you are a submissive or a dominant girl.

The baby dolls

Within the escorts lingerie, It is one of the favorites, because it is a very flirty and easy to wear garment, normally made with transparent fabrics, it allows a glimpse of the body of the mature escort, which will be highlighted with other elements such as bras, threads and pantyhose.

The mode experts point out that if we inquire into the issue of lingerie according to body type, This garment is designed for any woman, because its ease and freshness will make you feel more sensual.

Men will generally ask you to bring a baby doll to the appointment, their favorite colors in relation to this garment are white to make you look more innocent or red to make you look more experienced.

Pantyhose stockings

To cover your legs, from your thighs to your feet, or even some that are used from the waist, there are different types, the most requested are net and lace. On the one hand, the net ones are usually the most classic, present in pop culture, these tight stockings provoke thousands of fantasies.

Perfect to frame your legs, some male clients ask the escort to use ones that can break, that is, their use would be given in a single date, since their intentions are almost always to perform a penetration while you are still wearing them. .

The lace and other ornaments such as embroidery, you can use them in combination with a dress; You will look very sophisticated and classy, ​​especially if you have to go as a companion to a social event.

Photo 2 Escort lingerie – The secret of seduction

Do not forget the heels, seduce completely

La escorts lingerie It cannot be complete if there are no heels, this piece of footwear is the perfect combination for any type of lingerie you choose; since it will make you look taller and more upright.

The heels that seductive women use are usually stilettos; in fact, they are usually requested by those who love the practices of discipline and submission; Either because they will ask you to walk on their backs or they will kiss them symbolizing that they are your slaves of pleasure.

If you're VIP escort you will not only recognize the importance of lingerie; also that of heels. If you are just starting out and still don't know how to walk with them, we recommend that you learn as briefly as possible; because your seduction will reach the clouds, when you combine the right underwear with footwear.

Match lingerie with your attitude

Just as there is lingerie according to body typeIt must be emphasized that the attitude you take when using it is also important. Be confident, feel comfortable and accompany every sensual movement you make with your clothes.

If the client wants something specific in relation to the outfit and it is within your power to please him, do it feeling good about yourself; take control of the situation and enhance your beauty, both exterior and interior.


You are the owner of your decisions, but if you want to be the queen of seduction, consider that escorts lingerie, they play an important role. Customers like a woman who chooses her underwear well; so make sure it matches, not just your body, but your personality as well.

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