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Erotic Massage - Everything you need to know about an exciting massage

The erotic massages they are an excellent complement to start an appointment; reserving a moment for the stimulation of the senses, surrounded by scents and relaxing caresses that little by little awaken the excitement.

All the escorts that offer a erotic massage Among their services, they have been specially trained to please clients, helping them to leave behind the stress of their routine; and simply relax in the care of a loving companion to bring your day to an exceptional culmination.

So if you have never been the recipient of one of these exciting massages or have not directly considered it. Keep reading and we will tell you everything you need to know about a erotic massage to enjoy a sensual experience without limits.

The pleasure behind an erotic massage

In a first approach, erotic massages are a rather pleasurable popular service that many men might want to request; even if they have never intended to have a sexual relationship with the escort who offers them.

And it is that an erotic massage; Depending on the type, it wraps the client in a relaxing cocoon of caresses, stimulation of the erogenous zones and skin-to-skin contact; It slowly ignites the blood in the veins as it pursues its release.

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An erotic massage is designed to enliven the libido and forget the pressure of everything that is wrong in your mind; you just have to focus on feeling and letting your vip masseuse fill you with pleasant comforting pleasure.

Although not all escorts offer this service in their catalogs, those who do have the ability to show off delicious techniques specially learned to satisfy their client's requirements; and thus, make you have an incredible different moment.

So you can enjoy a date with an escort by requesting a erotic massage that you will surely love. And if you still don't know the types of erotic massages you can expect to receive, here are the details of the most popular techniques.

Sensual massage: gentle touches and caresses

This is probably the most common type of erotic massage, is intended to awaken the libido with gentle strokes all over the body. You can enjoy the deep, flowing touches with warm oils, rubbing on the genitals, and some rubbing.

Sensual massages are a classic preferred by couples; they are perfectly enjoyed in a comfortable environment like your own room or in the hands of a sexy escort.

Body-to-body massage: a full contact technique

Este erotic massage In particular, it favors the connection between the companion and her client before sex. To perform this erotic massage, the escort will take off her clothes and begin to sensually rub her entire naked body against the bare skin of her client.

The body to body massage will allow the total rubbing of both by zones; leaving aside the use of the hands in favor of a much more intimate contact.

Four-hand massage: an erotic massage of double enjoyment

Another technique of erotic massage It is the well-known four-hand massage; where you can experience the sensual attention not of one, but of two beautiful escorts.

Photo 2 Erotic Massage – Everything you need to know about an exciting massage

This type of massage is performed by two masseurs who perform their movements on the client's body in perfect synchrony; reflecting the caresses symmetrically throughout the session.

A four-hand massage can be a very hot and extremely relaxing moment. Imagine enjoying two women caressing your body simultaneously and while your body gives in to pleasure; You have these beautiful companions by your side to please you later in the excitement.

Tantric massage: an experience beyond the sexual

Tantric massage is probably one of the most complex massage techniques that can be listed, since, despite offering essentially the same elements of a erotic massage, does not focus directly on sexual intention.

What you need to know is that with this particular technique, you are not expecting to get to actual penetration. Tantra favors an unintended loving touch during the awakening of pleasure, even when it involves stimulating the male genitalia with a massage therapist completely naked.

Receiving a tantric massage can be quite an experience, and for that reason it has its own distinction.

Lingam massage

It is the tantric massage technique that you may wish to receive, within this particular style of erotic massage, the Lingam massage focuses specifically on the male member.

For the Lingam, a sensual naked masseuse will use hot oils to caress her client's penis with gentle, loving touches until it is released. The massage can be extended throughout the body, but the intention will always be to take the experience to a further point, normally related to the awakening of spiritual awareness.

However, it cannot be denied that the main interest of this technique will always be that the client escalate the pleasure to reach a more intense orgasm at the hands of an expert.

Is there a difference between tantric massage and erotic massage?

Tantric philosophy indicates that it is. Those who practice it share the experience stating that although a tantric massage can do the same as an erotic massage, an erotic massage cannot encompass everything that a tantric massage can do for you.

Photo 3 Erotic Massage – Everything you need to know about an exciting massage

The truth is that, in fact, tantric massage despite its marked sexual connotation, is even used as a healing stimulant. With this we do not mean that one of them is better than the other, it is simply expected that men receiving a tantric massage can release stress or anxiety and at the same time obtain a fuller sensation of pleasure.


After learning all this, you are probably looking forward to getting an erotic massage right now. And we don't blame you.

Our escorts can offer you this and much more, so visit our blog where we teach you how to choose the right escort and we even help you decipher the hidden message behind the photos of escorts, so that when you make your reservation, you can enjoy your perfect companion. You will not be disappointed!

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