Sexual threesomes - The pleasure of pleasing two escorts at the same time Posted on 24/06/2021 By God

Sexual threesomes - The pleasure of pleasing two escorts at the same time

In life you can find different types of threesomes; whether they are musical, of aces and of which we will talk in this article the threesome. It is one of the best things that can happen to a man in life.

If up to now you have dedicated yourself to having sex as a couple; It is time for you to try new things and have an excellent, very hot evening in the company of two beautiful vip escorts.

This experience will give you a world of possibilities; The most interesting thing about this practice are the existing combinations within the sexual threesomes, since they are very varied and pleasant.

Tips so you can have a great threesome sex

Photo 1 Sexual threesomes – The pleasure of pleasing two escorts at the same time

Surely you are not used to performing threesomes and it is very normal that you feel out of the game; The essential thing is that you not only participate in sex, but let yourself go and have the best time with everything you have on your hands.

El three sex It manages to offer a point of physical excitement that few sexual practices experience and that also allows us to explore that part of the voyeur that everyone has. Being able to observe the other people with whom you share, kissing and caressing is something unmatched.

Make a threesome with capital federal escorts it is something you must experience at least once in your life; so that you can discover hidden pleasures of your body and live a memorable and unique moment.

Places where you can have a threesome

Any place where sex is practiced is valid, but not all of them are perfect to have a great time, because the three sex it deserves the utmost care and delicacy.

It is only necessary to think about the place where you will find yourself most comfortable, and what better than in your own bed. In this way, two beautiful escort girls They will have to come to your house to have an excellent sex session.

Another option is to do it in a natural environment. For example, you can go on a picnic to a remote place, with two escorts that attract you too much; and then what you have left is to have a great time among a lush forest or bushes, just like a fairy tale.

Also something more discreet and elegant is to have a sexual threesome in a luxury hotel with two beautiful escort ladies. Without hesitation there you will be in a much more sexy and provocative environment where your mind can imagine perverse things and will be carried away by debauchery and passion.

Types of sexual threesomes that are recommended to practice

Photo 2 Sexual threesomes – The pleasure of pleasing two escorts at the same time

Men need to know that when practicing three sex It is more aimed at men with more experience, better prepared and more capable. In addition, escort that offer threesome services, two types usually practice the lesbian and the duo, in the first they both touch each other, while in the other they do not.

It is only to your liking if you want to receive only the pleasure or if you want to enjoy being able to observe two wonderful independent escorts having sex in the same bed where you are. Next, we will explain both practices to you. 

The duo

If you consider yourself a possessive, ambitious or jealous man, this practice may be your thing. In the duo they are still three people, but everything that is given will be directed to you.

You can request the services of two specialized duo escorts. It's about a menage a trois where both escorts do not touch or excite each other with any practice and are fully dedicated to the client.

The duration time is according to prior agreement and among other practices are costumes, bondage, roles, sado, Greek, French and anything that can be part of this experience.

The lesbian

It is the most desired worldwide by most men. Sleeping with two women at the same time and having them behave like lesbians is the climax and one of the sexual desires of almost all gentlemen.

The fact of seeing two women practicing, for example, cunnilingus, can excite a man and much more if he is in the middle of them, that is why three are not a crowd and especially when the girls kiss and the man passes to be part of this scene.

Advantages of sexual threesomes

Photo 3 Sexual threesomes – The pleasure of pleasing two escorts at the same time

Practice three sex with professional escorts in a way ensures pleasure and satisfaction. Some fantasies such as the use of sex toys, facial French, French tie, costumes, etc., are part of the work that these women do. escort girls in a sexual trio.

They will know how to make your dreams come true in a successful way, since they are all experts in sex and they manage to make men feel flat. 


We hope this article has been very helpful to you, if you are one of those men who are thinking of doing a sexual threesome with beautiful and elegant escorts. Also, be sure to visit our blog to learn more about these exuberant women.

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