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Massages with happy endings

Once the eventuality had been discussed, we both kept in mind that in exactly four days we would unite our lives definitively, although this was very subjective, if Romina complied with the requirement, my expectation was that what was going to happen. There was no room for another thought in my psyche, when I saw her photo I knew I had to have sex with her! I needed to feel those, with the naked eye, white and soft hands, I wanted to quickly immerse myself in their aromas.

I found myself wandering the web aimlessly, just browsing, trying to distract myself, trying not to think. In general, this is what I do with the free moments that I am allowed daily at work, browse the internet until it's time to work again and continue with my tasks. I'm a lonely guy! While my colleagues are out smoking cigarettes or interacting with the rest of the world in their own way, I remain here, hoping that the break is over, since it is not allowed to work during rest hours.

I don't like to socialize and very rarely manage to hold a conversation with a stranger, which is why with Romina everything seems so perfect as if taken from a science fiction movie.

I was on my break when a popup message appeared on my screen. With the ArgentinaXP insignia “Hello, I'm Romina! As usual I just closed it and continued with my work, a few seconds later the same dialog box appeared, but this time it showed a different message, “Why are you ignoring me?”.

It is common knowledge to know that this type of message is generated by a computer, so for fun I replied “I ignore you because you are a programmed bot and there is no point in wasting my time with you”. I closed the window again and one more message caught my attention, “I am not a robot, and I can prove it to you if you allow me, again, a pleasure! My name is Romina".

I was a bit petrified, I didn't know how to react to the matter, so since I was not going outside the parameters of legality within my area of work, I continued talking with this apparently woman who seemed so interested in... getting to know me?

We continued the conversation, I found out that he was a masseur and that he spent his spare time chatting with strangers on the internet, I told him that it was difficult for me to relate to people and what do you think! She replied that it was for her too and that was why she chatted with strangers, she did it as therapy to overcome her sudden phobias.

We talked for a long time, we talked about my work, about my colleagues, about how the days were cold in that office every time the break time came. She told me her breaks were usually like this, and she almost always met the wrong people, but she thought I was going to be different.

We began to talk about his work and the ins and outs of a job as a masseuse in this city, he told me about the clients with whom he had interacted in the past, and how many had tried to go too far when making an appointment. When he told me this an idea took over my mind and I couldn't get rid of it. I hesitated! "Could it be that she is a woman? I don't know what I'm doing wasting my time with a person I don't even know" I said to myself out loud and I couldn't help it I told her "I think we've talked enough Romina, it's been a pleasure, but I don't know you and I don't know who you can be in reality”.

A normal person would have been offended and would have started from the idea of pride to simply let me know and not respond anymore, that's when what happened changed everything, HER! Romina Precious Romina he sent me a photo, with the subject “now if you trust me? I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I liked you and I would like you to get to know me more deeply”.

I was stunned, she was perfect, a 38-year-old Caucasian woman, straight hair that fell over her neck, a natural stir-fry adorning her shoulders, a penetrating look that sneaked in unnoticed because her smile overshadowed everything around her, an almost transparent complexion that would reveal any alteration in the pulse, some movie breasts that pointed to my face and I wanted nothing more than to press them against me.

Don't judge me, she was so beautiful that I had to ask, of course I doubted even more when I saw that photo, and who wouldn't doubt, if she had the appearance of a soap opera actress! "You told me you were a masseuse, where do you work?" I replied without a second thought, "I'm not part of a massage company if that's what you think, I work independently, I don't like being accountable to others."

If this seems like fiction to you, imagine what universe my mind was in, ME, a 27-year-old guy with unattainable aspirations to stand out in a world where stereotypes dominate society, I was interacting with a woman so beautiful that she could be mistaken for a porn actress as much as with a royal.

"Let's set a date, I want to get to know you in depth as you say, but let's make this something fun for both of us, I offer you a dinner with a happy ending" she laughed out loud and I concluded that it would not be so easy for me to take her to bed "No It is my intention to use you as a sexual object, I am interested in having the opportunity to sexualize you beyond any object”, she did not respond from this point and I began to worry.

I was thinking that maybe my words could have gotten out of my control and I was afraid I had disrespected him, the paranoia in my brain remained until he answered me "I have to work these next few days, but I can open a space for you between appointments, this Friday I will be free from five, what do you say?

As I had already mentioned, from that moment I knew that our destinies would intertwine in the least expected way, Romina is a sensual masseuse YEAH! One of the best in all of Madrid, Romina is a seductive and shameless masseuse who, with her touch and her essences, has turned my breaks into moments of intimacy in the corridors and stairs of the company, she has taken over my leisure moments what a hobby that it becomes a vice, it has taken over my member like a pet with a new toy.

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Hi, I'm Swiss and in Buenos Aires at the Esplendor Plaza Francia Hotel. When are you going to charge for a massage?

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