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Turkish Titjob

Turkish Titjob It is the curious name given to one of the most sensual practices that an escort can carry out during her service. If you want to have the pleasant experience of receiving a Turkish straw, in ArgentinaXP you can contact the most beautiful and accommodating girls; Because we are the largest and most complete directory of escorts in Buenos Aires.

During the turkish titjob, the escort places her breasts on top of the man's penis, brings them together and rubs against him. This is one of the favorite masturbation techniques for men; because it leads to physical and psychological pleasure, given the softness of the skin and the warmth of the escort's breasts.

To carry out the turkish titjobIt is not necessary to have big breasts, the important thing is the technique. It is important to use lubricant so that friction is not uncomfortable; Likewise, have a position that does not hinder the execution of this technique, where both are comfortable.

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