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Fer Puerto Madero 500 USD

fer (26)

Puerto Madero escort
Desire Puerto Madero 600 USD

desire (26)

Puerto Madero escort
Protection Puerto Madero 600 USD

Protection (25)

Puerto Madero escort
Celine Puerto Madero 700 USD

Celine (33)

Puerto Madero escort
Venice Puerto Madero 300 USD

Venice (30)

Puerto Madero escort
Vale Puerto Madero 300 USD

OK (27)

Puerto Madero escort
Anna Puerto Madero 400 USD

Anna (29)

Puerto Madero escort
Natt Vip Puerto Madero 300 USD

Natt Vip (41)

Puerto Madero escort
Guada Puerto Madero 400 USD

guada (29)

Puerto Madero escort
Thalia Puerto Madero 300 USD

Thalia (18)

Puerto Madero escort
Carine Puerto Madero 300 USD

carine (30)

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Mailen Puerto Madero 400 USD

Mailen (22)

Puerto Madero escort

Escorts from Puerto Madero

How do escorts in Puerto Madero handle criticism?

As in any aspect of life, women tend to receive criticism from people who are around us or who know us little. It is no different with the escorts of Puerto Madero.

What is really important to know is that the escorts that offer our services do so independently and because we really want to.

So, we don't take criticism personally; because we like to practice this job. Rather, we ignore harmful comments and try to take the good from each criticism to improve our craft.

What do the escorts of Puerto Madero do if a client offends them?

Since most of the escorts in Puerto Madero offer our services independently, therefore, we have the great advantage of being able to end the appointment with our client if we feel uncomfortable or if the appointment gets out of control.

One of the first actions we take is to politely inform our client that the appointment will end. If this does not work or if it happens to the elderly, we must contact the security of the place where we are immediately.

Likewise, alert our trusted people so that they can go find us where we are and get out of the situation in which we find ourselves as quickly as possible.

How many appointments can escorts from Puerto Madero have with the same client?

The number of appointments is not limited.

We can see the client only once or he can become a frequent client because we see him many times a month, there are even times when we have had appointments with the same client for many years.

The important thing is to establish the place, date and time in which we are going to see each other, always check our availability and arrive on time. These are things that allow us to enjoy an appointment with our clients.

What filters do the VIP escorts of Puerto Madero use to choose clients?

Mainly, we have communication with the clients directly from the first moment, this allows us to begin to know the character of our contractor.

The first appointments with clients are generally in public or crowded spaces; As restaurants, this gives us the possibility of getting to know them in a deeper way and detecting what kind of people they are.

However, each of us has different filters and rules to choose who to go out with and who not.

Do the whores of Puerto Madero offer GFE service?

Of course!

It is one of the services that we love to offer the most.

Interacting as the girlfriends of those who hire our services is part of the fantasies we like the most. The GFE service is a very frequent service, holding hands, giving us spontaneous kisses, going somewhere and fucking like teenagers...

It's a dream come true for our dates and an experience like no other for each of us.

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