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Escorts from La Paternal

Do the escorts of La Paternal accept change of roles?

The vast majority of us do accept role change with our clients.

We are characterized mainly by being open-minded, willing to satisfy our clients in their fantasies and fetishes. With the assurance that it is a consensual and private relationship.

However, it is best to ask the escort with whom you will have the date if she is willing to fulfill this fantasy for you before making the appointment.

Do the VIP escorts of La Paternal give erotic massages?

Of course! 

There are services and girls for all tastes, in ArgentinaXP you can find the best masseuses in the country. Especially those that we can give you a relaxing massage with a happy ending.

In general, we attend our department and you can contact us directly at the telephone number that we have left in each of our profiles.

Have the escorts of La Paternal felt harassed at any time?

Unfortunally Yes. Although not only for the fact of being an escort.

We are not the only ones who can feel harassed, girls are a little more prone to this type of situation; above all, when we exercise this type of trades.

We cannot foresee when this will happen, but we always give our support to a girl who is going through this near us. We have an emergency contact number to use in case the situation gets out of hand.

Also, it is important that you do not make contact with the person who is making you feel harassed and if possible leave the place, even if it is a client.

Will I get my money back if it didn't work out sexually with a whore from La Paternal?

Definitely not.

The escorts of La Paternal not only set a fee for our sexual services, the fee we have imposed is also for our time.

In other words, if we can return your money, you should be able to return the time invested in you. All of us girls put a lot of effort into making each of our clients have an unforgettable time and feel desired throughout the entire appointment.

If you think you may not function during sex, we're happy to give you a little help.

Do the escorts of La Paternal have orgasms in all sexual relations?


The sexual relations of the escorts of La Paternal are not very different from conventional sexual relations, and as in any sexual relationship, there are some that you enjoy more than others. , Simply, some end in orgasms, others that do not and this may depend on different factors

However, we always make our client enjoy the entire session and feel pleased from start to finish.

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