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Handcuffs, whips or bits; these may be some of the most popular plugins on the sadomasochism. If you want to practice the most erotic positions and moorings with an escort, in ArgentinaXP you have the opportunity to contact the girl of your dreams; because we are the largest and most complete directory of escorts in Buenos Aires.

El sadomasochism it is part of BDSM and includes various consensual practices with another person. These practices are related to power, submission games and pain for pleasure. The practitioners of sadomasochism They stand out for their tendency to search for strong sensations that excite them.

Likewise, the people who carry out the sadomasochism they are less neurotic, tend to be more responsible, extraverted, open to new experiences; where the game of power, subordination and pain is contemplated, as something habitual in their sexuality.

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