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Vicu Virtuel $30

Vicu (44)

Cami XP Virtuel $30

Truck XP (30)

Giovanna Frank Virtuel $30

Giovanna Frank (43)

Karenn Virtuel $30

Karen (27)

Chanel Virtuel $30

Chanel (28)

Rocioo Virtuel $30

rociooo (23)

Milena Yuka Virtuelle $30

Milena Yuca (23)


virtual escorts

Quels services proposent les girles virtuelles?

The escorts who offer us services in virtuel mode fournissent presque tous les services d'une escorte conventionnelle, mais sans contact physique ni service d'escorte.

Cependant, we propose a sexting service, our appeals, our photographs, our videos and our sexual appeals.

When can you contact a girl's virtue?

Généralement, pour nous contacter, vous n'avez pas bien de beaucoup de préavis.

It is recommended that you be able to communicate with us that are minutes before your service payer, you will also be sure that our time is available at this moment for you to serve.

Two people can contact a girl of virtue for the best knowledge?

Please depend on the girl you contact.

Certains d'entre nous préfèrent garder nos services exclusifs à un seul client à la fois. Cependant, certain escorts do not have any problems in responding to the video appeals of more clients at the same time.

Does he have a girl of virtue?

Chacun de nous gère a different rate.

Our benefits are varied and the conditions for performance are also varied. 

Since the plupart d'entre our jobs of independent manière, we can fixer the tariff that suits our services.

Les filles virtuelles offrent-elles le service GFE?

Cela depends on girl's jacket.

Certains d'entre nous préfèrent maintenir le contact avec nos clients précisément au moment où l'échange va avoir lieu. Others may consecrate a certain temps ahead or after the service is faire du GFE.

Well I understand, on condition that the client understands that he is agit d'un service supplémentaire and that he doive payer the corresponding tariff.

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