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Marianna (37)


Entre Rios Escorts

How to carry out a fantasy with an escort from Entre Ríos and my partner?

The main thing is that, before contacting any of us, you have already discussed this with your partner and she agrees. None of the VIP escorts from Entre Ríos want to go to a place where the meeting turns into a bad moment because one of those involved does not agree.

Likewise, you must make the approach to us from the first moment. Although most likely we love threesomes, not all of us include it in our services. So, first you have to make sure.

Once all parties agree, all that remains is to enjoy!

Why have a threesome with an escort from Entre Ríos?

One of the most difficult things to carry out a threesome is to get the third person who wants to be involved. Especially if it is a couple who wants to live this experience.

Details always come up that slow them down like “That is not a known person" either "How do we ask him if he wants to?".

With the VIP escorts of Entre Ríos, that's not a problem!

Being part of trios is one of the activities we do the most in this business. We are an external entity, we are not part of your social circle and it is highly unlikely that we will run into each other again on the street.

In addition, our work is based on causing pleasure, and in this area we have a lot of experience!

How often do the whores of Entre Ríos get tested for STDs?

It depends on different factors.

Independent escorts can take these exams whenever we want; however, most usually do it every 3 or 6 months.

However, at the beginning, when many of us work for an agency, it is common for us to be asked to take these kinds of exams before hiring us and to renew them every 6-8 months.

How do the escorts of Entre Ríos deal with hygiene?

When it comes to personal hygiene, all escorts are meticulous, so this is not a problem for us.

In this business, presence is everything! So we try to always be neat, cared for and well dressed.

In the case of our clients, we always have the decision whether to continue an appointment or not if we notice that you do not take care of your hygiene. We always prefer to politely end the engagement.

What do the escorts of Entre Ríos do if a client does not want to use a condom?

The escorts are the owners of every decision we make during the course of our service, therefore, if a client does not want to use condoms during our sexual encounter, we have the right to refuse and end the encounter.

Using condoms is part of our protection as Entre Ríos escorts and we are not willing to take the risk of contracting an STD for any client. Even if it is a very old one or one that is paying us a lot of money.

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