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Escort Palladio

What type of fantasy can I fulfill with an escort from the Palladium?

Tutto ciò a cui puoi pondere! 

Noi escort abbiamo a mentalità aperta and amiamo part of the fantasies of our clients.

To help you with your first wishes, we will consult you in advance and we will be able to help you make part of your fantasy in such a way that we can help you realize it.

Dove possono essere gli incontri sessuali with an escort from the Palladium?

Generally, we escort you not to our client's house, at least not to the first application. Ideally, there is a prompt accommodation camera or travel in our apartments.

Even if you are walking around the city and staying in a hotel, we can pack your camera, while we are busy with our transfer.

And not worry, not dovrai aspettare così a longo! I preliminaryi nei luoghi pubblici possono essere un gran leato.

How do I treat my client as an escort at the Palladium?

There is only one way to treat our client: Ex-ce-len-te!

We dobbiamo keep in mind that one of the things that our client desidera di più è privacy. Therefore, if you are an escort, tell me who protects your private life or work, unless the client does not want to mention it.

We must always be dolci and friends, do not have long musi or lack of education. Remember to be kind and available at any time.

If you can have sex with a Palladium escort without a condom?


Nessuno di noi, la mayor parte de noi noi accetta di fare sesso za nytype de protezione.

Noi accompagnatori abbiamo many care of our greetings and quella of our clients; Pertanto, avere rapporti sessuali non protetti non è negoziabile.

What is a Palladium escort?

Potremmo say that the escort Palladium is “puttane di lusso”, il che means che non accettiamo qualsiasi type of client. Honestly, we do not use chiunque.

If we want to select all the other people who can pursue this profession; Therefore, we offer various services both sessuali and non sessuali. Inoltre abbiamo an ottimo physical aspect and siamo educati.

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