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Saint just Escort

Escorts in San Justo

Are there VIP masseurs in San Justo?

Of course! 

The VIP masseuses of San Justo are one of the categories with the highest demand by customers. This is due to the incredible service we provide to the gentlemen who hire us.

In addition to providing a high-quality service for the most demanding clients, most of us have a personal space to receive our clients. In addition, we are beautiful, attentive, caring and open-minded.

What services do the escorts of San Justo offer?

The escorts of San Justo focus our services on offering company to the clients who hire us. This service can be performed at work, social or pleasure events.

However, we do not only offer company service, we also offer sexual services. These services range from traditional sex to fantasies or fetishes that our clients may have.

Each service and its conditions are completely different for each one of us, which means that not all of us offer the same services, nor do we handle the same rates.

Does the escorts of San Justo mind if they are called whores?

Honestly no.

We don't take it as an offense, we really are sluts, but we are not sluts that anyone could pay. There are no reasons to feel offended.

However, we know that on many occasions it can be a derogatory comment that is made with the intention of offending us or any other woman, but to the escorts of San Justo, this is not something that can hurt us.

How do the escorts of San Justo deal with a rude client?

There are many ways to handle a customer who is being rude or disrespectful; there are also many ways to avoid them. Therefore, it is extremely important to try to get to know his character during the first conversations.

The first thing to do if we have a client who is being undesirable is to remain calm. Later, in a polite way, tell him that his behavior is being inappropriate.

While this may not result in any change, we can indicate to the client that we are ending the appointment. If this does not work or her behavior does not change, we must approach someone who is close to us, leave the place and tell someone we trust where we are and what the situation is.

As a last step, we can communicate with the security of the place or the police.

Is the service of the San Justo escorts paid in advance?

Each one of us has different rules and conditions for each of their services, the vast majority prefer to receive payment right at the time the appointment begins. Although, some of the girls prefer to receive a percentage to make the appointment.

In many cases, we provide the client with all these details when they book us for an appointment. If not, you can ask us directly, we all have a wide variety of payment options for the convenience of our customers.

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