Eureka Palladium $150

Eureka (32)

Puerto Madero Escort
Zoe Parisi Palladium $150

zoe parisi (23)

Rocking horse Escort
Hera Palladium $150

Ivy (30)

Palermo Escort
Celinne Palladium $150

Celinne (32)

Palermo Escort
LUDOVICA Palladium $150


straws Escort

Military service (21)

straws Escort
Lian Palladium $150

Lian (22)

Puerto Madero Escort
Eleven Palladium $150

Eleven (23)

Recoleta Escort
Paris Palladium Gala $150

paris gala (48)

Microcentro Escort
Luly love Palladium $150

luly love (36)

Almagro Escort
Sweet Lexa Palladium $150

Sweet Lexa (21)

Palermo Escort
Viki Palladium $150

Viki (41)

Microcentro Escort

Palladium Escorts

What kind of fantasies can I fulfill with a Palladium escort?

All that you can think of! 

Escorts are open-minded and we love being part of our clients' fantasies.

But we recommend you ask beforehand, that is, you should consult us beforehand if we want or can be part of your fantasy in order to help you fulfill it.

Where can sexual encounters with a Palladium escort take place?

Generally, escorts do not go to our clients' homes, at least not on the first dates. Ideally, you have a hotel room ready or move to our apartments.

Even if you are walking around the city and staying in a hotel, we can get to your room, but you will have to take care of our transfer.

And don't worry, you won't have to wait that long! Foreplay in public places can be a great ally.

How should I treat my client as a Palladium escort?

There is only one way to treat any of our customers: Ex-ce-len-te!

We must bear in mind that one of the things our client wants most is privacy. Therefore, if you are an escort, forget the questions that have to do with your private life or work, unless the client wants to mention it.

We should always be sweet and friendly, don't have long faces or lack of education. Remember to be kind and willing at all times.

Can you have sex with a Palladium escort without a condom?

Do not!

With none of us, most of us do not agree to have sex without any kind of protection.

The escorts take great care of our health and that of our clients; therefore, having unprotected sex is non-negotiable.

What is a Palladium escort?

We could say that the Palladium escorts are "luxury whores", which means that we do not accept any type of client. Honestly, we don't date just anyone.

We are much more selective than other women who can practice this profession; Therefore, we offer different sexual and non-sexual services. In addition, we have an excellent physical appearance and we are educated.

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