Amelie ZN Diamond Red $300

Amelie Z.N. (28)

Martinez Escort
Carine ZN Diamond Red $300

Carine Z.N. (30)

Martinez Escort
Ashley ZN Diamond Red $300

Ashley Z.N. (22)

Martinez Escort
Natasha vip ZN Diamond Red $300

Natasha VIP ZN (40)

Martinez Escort
Flower ZN Diamond Red $400

ZN Flower (44)

Martinez Escort
Isadora ZN Diamond $200

Isadora ZN (26)

Martinez Escort
ZN Diamond soul $200

ZN core (47)

Martinez Escort
Ana Sofia ZN Diamond $200

Ana Sofia Z.N. (27)

Martinez Escort
Hera Z.N. Diamond $200

Hera Z.N. (30)

Martinez Escort
Steff ZN Diamond $200

Steff ZN (28)

Martinez Escort
Ivi ZN Diamond $200

Ivi ZN (30)

Martinez Escort
Elin Duque ZN Palladium $150

Elin Duque ZN (28)

Martinez Escort

Martinez Escort

How long does an appointment with a Martinez escort last?

This will directly depend on the amount of money you are willing to invest.

In general, our appointments can last from 1 to 6 hours.

It is rare that a client wants to share more time with us than that, since this is the perfect time for all kinds of social events to take place.

Many of us do not accept an appointment unless it lasts a minimum of 1 hour.

How much does a Martinez VIP escort charge?

Each of Martinez's VIP escorts handle different rates and conditions for our services.

It all depends on the number of services you want and the number of hours you pay for.

If you want to know what our rates are, you can view them in our ArgentinaXP profiles.

What to do on my first time with a Martinez escort?

It is normal that in your first time with one of us you feel nervous. However, to enjoy our date, the most important thing is that you are calm and relaxed.

Escorts are professional women in what we do, so we guarantee you an excellent job to maintain your confidentiality and provide you with a safe space where you can develop fully.

Be polite and respectful, so you can get anything from us!

At what age does a Martinez escort retire?

This answer depends on the escort that answers it.

There are women over 40 who look physically better than any girl under 30, even with a greater sexual appetite.

Age is very relative to finish with this job. However, those of us who exercise it know that a replacement generation with beautiful girls always arrives, which makes us consider retirement.

There are those who retire before 30 and those who are past 40 still have a fairly extensive client list. Everything will depend on each one of us.

Do Martinez escorts serve foreigners?


The vast majority of escorts love to serve foreigners or people who are from outside our city. This is because we love that they have a good experience and it gives us the opportunity to be recommended in other borders.

Of course, it is always necessary that the established rate is covered, we do not have preferences with foreigners.

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