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Rocio Belgrano $300

Rocio (29)

Belgrano Escort
Flor Belgrano $300

Flower (45)

Belgrano Escort
Abby Vip Belgrano $300

Abby Vip (22)

Belgrano Escort
Steff Xp Belgrano $200

Steff Xp (30)

Belgrano Escort
MariyLu Belgrano $400

MariyLu (35)

Belgrano Escort
Mirabella Belgrano $200

Mirabella (23)

Belgrano Escort
Isabel Belgrano $200

Isabel (24)

Belgrano Escort
Ludovica Belgrano $200

Ludovica (28)

Belgrano Escort
Aurora Belgrano $200

Aurora (30)

Belgrano Escort
Daisy Belgrano $200

Daisy (22)

Belgrano Escort
Julieta R Belgrano $200

Juliet R (26)

Belgrano Escort
Paris Belgrano $150

Paris (35)

Belgrano Escort

Belgrano escorts

Do Belgrano escorts have to physically attract attention?

Actually, this is not entirely necessary.

Although it is obvious that we take great care of our physical appearance and our body, without a doubt, it is a tool that we know how to use very well.

Many of us are characterized by being quite striking and being in very good shape. However, we have different bodies, not all of us have huge breasts and voluptuous buttocks. 

Although we have more natural bodies, we take care to be in excellent physical condition.

On my first date with a whore from Belgrano, what kind of topics can I play?

Any topic!

If there is something that we definitely have, the vast majority of the escorts in Belgrano are very intelligent, which makes us capable of holding conversations on almost any topic.

It is precisely for this reason that some of our clients request escort services, and it is what differentiates us from other types of girls who also offer sexual services.

How should a VIP escort dress for an appointment with a client?

Escorts are always well dressed, and of course, appropriately for every occasion.

Belgrano escorts are usually very elegant. Therefore, it is difficult for you to find an escort who has bad clothing, poor hygiene or a bad presence for the occasion that is required.

And if our client has any preference in terms of colors or garments, we will be happy to oblige.

How do Belgrano VIP escorts take care of annoying clients?

The vast majority of us are independent; This allows us to be able to talk with our clients directly from the first moment and to be able to study their behavior.

If at the time of the appointment, the client has an attitude that is uncomfortable for us, is annoying or rude; we are in the position to be able to finalize the appointment and kindly communicate it.

We try to take all the corresponding provisions before the situation becomes dangerous and we are physically compromised.

Can I hire a male escort and a Belgrano escort for the same appointment?

Probably yes.

It is not an option that is crossed off on the list of things that cannot be done with an escort, but you must let us know in advance that this is the service you wish to carry out.

It is likely that we will suggest someone with whom we feel more comfortable, or perhaps we will help you find the ideal escort boy for what you want to do during the time you hire our services.

Ideally, we all agree with what is established.

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