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Martinaa Nuñez $400

Martina (28)

Nuñez Escort
Irene Nuñez $300

Irene (28)

Nuñez Escort
Vicky Nuñez $150

Vicky (36)

Nuñez Escort
Renata Nuñez $100

Renata (32)

Nuñez Escort
Albana Nuñez $50

Albana (36)

Nuñez Escort
Angeles Nuñez $50

Angeles (28)

Nuñez Escort
Jazmin Nuñez $50

Jasmine (24)

Nuñez Escort

Nuñez Escorts

How much money does a Nuñez escort earn in a week?

It all depends on the Nuñez escort that answers and the number of clients that she attends during a week.

Each of us has a different rate for each of our services; Therefore, the profits we generate are different between each escort.

Indicating a number is very difficult. An escort who earns $50 per hour may be more in demand during the week than one who charges $400, but the latter makes more money for fewer bookings.

Can I invite two Nuñezal VIP escorts to the same event?

Of course yes.

The only condition for you to be able to do this is that both escorts agree to carry out the appointment and that you can pay the rate for both girls.

We do not like surprises, we prefer that you consult both of us before meeting. Maybe we can agree to dress the same or in a specific way.

Can Nuñez whores drink alcohol during their dates?

We can do it, but not excessively.

All the escorts like to maintain control during our appointments, this is because we must be aware that it ends correctly and without setbacks.

We can have a few drinks throughout the date, but it is unlikely that we will get drunk or exceed. 

Please do not insist that we drink when we do not want to, this may make us want to leave the place.

What do Nuñez's escorts do if a client does not arrive well cleaned?

Most of the Nuñez VIP escorts exercise this profession independently, which means that, in addition to allowing us to establish a fee for our services, we can also determine what type of clients we want to serve.

If a client is not neat, we will try to get the appointment done by suggesting that they clean up before proceeding. Of course, being able to continue with the appointment will depend on whether the client accepts our suggestion or not.

We can end an appointment if it does not go smoothly or if the client does not take into account our requirements to continue with it.

Do Nuñez escorts serve women?

Some yes and some no.

Everything will depend on the escort who answers this question and the services we are offering.

Some girls prefer to keep our services reserved for gentlemen only. However, some Nuñez escorts have no problem in providing their services to the ladies who request it.

You just have to have the confidence to ask via WhatsApp, and depending on our response, coordinate the next step.

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