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Dalma Courts $100

Dalma (35)

Courts Escort
Nahomi Tribunals $50

nahomie (21)

Lilac Courts $50

Purple (28)

Aysha Tribunals $40

Aysha (35)

Katerine Tribunals $40

Katerine (22)

Pily Courts $40

pily (36)

Juli Tribunales $40

July (24)

Margot Cortes $40

Margot (27)

Court Escorts

Can I hire a court escort with my partner?

Of course yes!

Court escorts love to be part of their couples' sexual fantasies. In addition, having us in their fantasies makes the experience more private and is guided by a professional. 

You can even tell us how you want us to participate in the fantasy.

However, you must tell us before meeting at the place, you must be sincere and tell us that what you want is our participation in a couple's meeting. We don't like surprises!

Can I play domination with a VIP escort from Courts?

With some yes, with others no. It all depends on who you ask.

Whether you want to be the master or the dominated, not all court escorts offer BDSM within our sexual services.

However, there are always the girls who are comfortable with providing this service, either as a regular part of their service or as an extra.

So, if you want this service, don't hesitate to ask us if you can play domination with us.

Are the court escorts the same as those seen in the photo?


In ArgentinaXP they are in charge of corroborating that the photos that are shown in the profiles of each court escort are completely real.

All the escorts go through a rigorous identity verification process, ensuring that the girl being advertised is the same as the one in the photos.

Therefore, the same girl that you see in the profile will be the one that you get on the date.

Can I practice pegging with a whore from Courts?

Of course! 

Pegging consists of changing roles, that is, that it is the woman who dominates the sexual scene, unlike what we are used to.

Usually, during this practice, the client requests that the court escort use a harness to penetrate him.

If you want to have an intense orgasm through pegging, don't forget to ask us about the availability of this service when you want to practice it.

What is the job of a court escort?

The escorts are characterized, mainly, by offering company services to our clients; that is, our escort service is our main service.

Sure, we also offer sexual services, but these have specific rates beyond the time paid to be with us, and special requests.

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