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Aphrodite Little Horse $300

Afrodita (31)

Kymel Caballito $200
Lara Meyer Caballito $150

Laura Meyer (21)

Guadalupe Caballito $150

Guadalupe (34)

Cande Caballito $100
Thiago Caballito $100
Vickyxp Caballito $75

Vickyxp (33)

Horse Escorts

Where can I find the best VIP escorts in Caballito?

In ArgentinaXP, of course!

There is a wide variety of escorts in Caballito, and it is impossible to contact them all. However, ArgentinaXP is the largest VIP escort directory in Argentina. 

You can find here almost all the escorts that exist in the location of your choice.

To find us you just have to click on our profile and write to us through the WhatsApp number that we leave you here.

Do Caballito escorts do a domination service?

Not all, but many do.

Our main job is to make the client feel comfortable with us, this includes accompanying them to fulfill some fantasies or fulfill some requests they may have.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that paying for an appointment with us does not oblige us to provide this service if we do not want to. Ideally, before making the appointment, you tell us what your preferences are and be very specific with them.

Can I use sex toys with a Caballito escort?

As long as we agree, the answer will be yes.

One of the great advantages of sharing a bed with a Caballito escort is that we are very open-minded, we really enjoy sex and pleasing our clients.

What you cannot ignore is that, for sexual relations to be healthy and for us both to enjoy, everything that takes place during this time must be consensual.

When should I write to a whore from Caballito?

Most of us have office hours, which can start very early and end very late.

Mainly, you should write to us only if you are very sure of contracting our services. Second, even if we don't answer you immediately (we may be busy), rest assured that we will answer you.

Meanwhile, all the information on our rates and services can be found in our ArgentinaXP profiles.

Can I make a phone call to a Caballito escort?

No, unless we encourage it, or it is in our service package.

Most of the Caballito escorts do not provide hot call or phone sex services.

The only moment in which we can agree to call a client or receive a call from him, is when the meeting time approaches, in order to finalize details to meet.

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