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Agus Almagro $400

Agus (30)

Almagro Escort
Sea Almagro $150

Tue (25)

Almagro Escort
Toreto Almagro $100

Toretto (37)

Agronomy Escort
Serafin Almagro $100

Serafin (29)

Agronomy Escort
Cata A. Almagro $50

Tasting A. (46)

Almagro Escort
Nesy Almagro $40

nessy (18)

Shantal Almagro $40

Shantal (19)

Malena Almagro $40

Malena (19)

Milu Almagro $40

milu (21)

Valeska Almagro $40

Valeska (19)

Escort from Almagro

How do Almagro escorts protect themselves from STDs?

Almagro escorts take great care of our sexual health. Therefore, all our sexual relations are carried out with the use of a condom.

Additionally, we take care of attending medical and gynecological check-ups on a regular basis; at least every 3 to 6 months (which is double what is recommended for a woman who is not a sex worker) to make sure everything is in order.

How many clients does a VIP escort from Almagro serve in 1 week?

This depends on each one of us.

Each Almagro escort can serve clients during the week and double the total number of appointments on weekends.

However, this depends on the number of requests we have and the number of clients who contact us to make an appointment.

If you want to know a number, we could talk about 4 or 5 dates in a regular week.

What does an Almagro companion look like physically?

All Almagro escorts are beautiful, but different.

You can find from short girls to very tall escorts; likewise, blondes, brunettes, thin or with more curves.

In Almagro you can find girls for all tastes! What is certain is that we all have different physical charms, we are always very well cleaned and dressed for the occasion, whatever it may be.

Do all the services of a luxury escort from Almagro have the same cost?

Definitely not.

Each of us offers different services to our clients. This has the consequence that our services have different rates.

That is, we have an hourly rate, but our special services have an extra cost. This also applies if the sexual services include more than one person or a particular request.

If you invest an amount of money in one of us, with others it may be a higher or cheaper budget.

Do Almagro whores give discounts?

Do not!

And we will be infinitely grateful if you do not insist or even name the possibility that we give you a discount.

We take our work very seriously and we tend to leave customers who ask us for discounts aside and limit ourselves to not paying attention to them.

Please respect our costs and pay the agreed fee in full.

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