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Mimi ZN Olivos $150

Mimi ZN (29)

olives Escort
Olivos Bar $40

Bar (43)

Leila Olivos $40

Leila (44)

Olive Trees Escorts

What kind of clients do Olivos escorts have?

The main characteristic of an escort from Olivos is that you can not only hire us to spend a night of passion. We can offer company services to social or corporate events.

Therefore, those who most often consume our services are people with high purchasing power, such as: businessmen.

However, the profession of our clients is not exclusive, as long as they can pay the fee!

What is the rate of an escort from Olivos?

Our rates are completely up to us.

This means that there is no fixed rate for escorts, each one of us places the rate according to the services we are offering.

If you want to know more about our individual rates, you can do it from our profiles in ArgentinaXP. You just have to access and contact us via WhatsApp!

Can I invite an escort from Olivos on a trip?

Of course! 

We love to travel, but first you need to make sure that we have enough time to invest in this trip.

In addition, you must bear in mind that apart from the payment that you must make to us for the days of service that we offer you, you must also take care of running our expenses during the trip.

Only then will we accompany you wherever you want!

What is the minimum age to be an escort in Olivos?

To be a VIP escort at Olivos and almost anywhere you must be of legal age, that is, over 18 years of age.

However, the recommendation of those of us who are already part of this world is that you have passed 20 to be able to quote yourself better. This means that you are at least 21 years old.

In addition, you must have a good physique, know how to express yourself and, of course, have good skills in bed. To be able to do that you need time, so you can invest a few years in training before starting fully in the world of VIP accompaniment.

Can Olivos escorts drink alcoholic beverages during their appointments?

Yes we can, but it will depend on each one of us.

Many escorts do not like to have more than one drink during our work in order to maintain control of the whole situation.

However, there are some girls who are more casual and allow themselves more than one drink to have an incredible time with the client.

However, the most important thing is that both the client and us are in our five senses during the entire appointment to avoid uncomfortable situations and to guarantee an incredible appointment.

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