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Stephen Adonis $100

Esteban (40)

balvanera Escort
Manuel Lennan Adonis $100

Manuel Lennan (24)

Palermo Escort
John Adonis $100

Juan (39)

Belgrano Escort
Chris adonis $100

Chris (27)

Pick up Escort
Thiago Adonis $100
Thiagito Adonis $100

thiagito (26)

Palermo Escort
Fran Adonis $100

Fran (31)

Recoleta Escort
Seraph Adonis $100

Serafin (29)

Agronomy Escort
the dwarf Adonis $100

the tan (36)

Moreno Escort
Aaron Adonis $100

Aaron (22)

Microcentro Escort
Bull Adonis $100

Toretto (37)

Agronomy Escort

Adonis Escorts

How much does an escort boy charge?

Being an Adonis Escorts is not so different from what a Diamond escort is.

We differentiate ourselves because our service is exclusively for ladies.

When we are independent hetero boy escorts, we can place the cost of our services as we consider.

If you want to know a little more about your options and rates, you can take a tour of the different profiles available at ArgentinaXP.

What services does an escort boy offer?

The Adonis Escorts are quite versatile in terms of the services we can offer.

Our only difference from other categories is that our service is exclusively for ladies over 18 years of age.

We can offer everything from incredible sex work to accompaniment to events.

How can I hire a boy escorts?

To hire one of us is no different than hiring an escort girl.

Many of us work independently and you can contact us through our profiles in ArgentinaXP.

You just have to click on our photo and go to the WhatsApp button to communicate directly with one of us.

Can I have a threesome with an escort boy?

Definitely yes! 

The Adonis Escorts are willing to be part of your fantasy of having a threesome.

However, you should ask us first if we agree to be part of a threesome with two girls (mhm) or another guy and you (hmh).

What fantasies can I fulfill with a heterosexual escort boy?

All that you can imagine!

We hetero boy escorts only interact with women, once this is clear, the possibilities are endless.

From role plays to threesomes or accompanying you to an event with a happy ending.

The Adonis Escorts are willing to accompany you as far as you want.

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