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Sandy ZN (34)

Florida Escort

Florida Escorts

What does the service of a Florida luxury escort offer me?

Florida escorts offer various services to our clients. Although it is often believed that our services are only of a sexual nature, we are able to offer much more than just sex to our clients.

We offer personalized company service, confidentiality, exclusivity, professionalism, experience and a wide variety of special services that depend on each one of us.

Ask the Florida escort you want to date directly what services she offers through the phone number on her profile.

What are the limits of a Florida VIP escort?

Our limits are as different as ourselves.

That is, since not all escorts in Florida are the same; our services, limits and rules are not the same either. Generally, we let our clients know this information before they hire our services.

What is really important is that you can comply with our rules and respect all our limits so that we can both have an incomparable date.

What kind of foreign men do Florida escorts cater to?

Basically, to any foreign client who can meet our requirements and pay the corresponding amount for each of our rates.

In general, our foreign clients are businessmen who frequently come to work or do business, and during their stay, they want to have the company of a Florida escort.

These clients usually book appointments with us well in advance before arriving in the country or on different days during their stay, mainly so that we can accompany them to business events.

Why don't some Florida escorts show their faces in the photos?

Although Florida escorts practice this job because it is something we like to do, the vast majority of us cover our faces in photos for security or privacy; since they are public profiles that are available to anyone with internet access.

Also, because we like to keep our work and private lives separate. Hiding our face makes us feel safe and confident when we are not providing the escort service.

Can I ask for a special discount from Florida whores?

No. The rates for each of the Florida escort services are not negotiable.

Each client, regardless of whether it is a very old client or a very trusted client, must pay the amount that we have established for our services.

Customers who ask for discounts or bring up these kinds of conversations about paying less than expected for our services, we often see as disreputable customers and do not provide our services to them.

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