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Escorts from Villa del Parque

How do the escorts at Villa del Parque take care of a rude client?

One of the great advantages of being an independent escort at Villa del Parque is that we can talk with our client before having an appointment in person, thanks to the fact that communication is always directly with us.

This allows us to know a little about their character and reject those who have a rude or aggressive attitude. However, we notice that the situation is getting out of control during the appointment, what we do is end the appointment in a polite way.

If the client does not understand or does not control himself, it is best to ask someone close for help, leave the room or communicate with someone you trust to get out of that situation.

What types of payment do the VIP escorts of Villa del Parque accept?

The way to cancel our services will depend entirely on the escorts with whom you are making the appointment.

Some of us only accept cash, other girls prefer to split the payment between transfers and cash. 

More recently, there are many Villa del Parque escorts who accept payments through digital wallets such as Binance or PayPal, this is more oriented towards trusted clients.

Can I do sexting with a whore from Villa del Parque?

Generally not. This is because it is not a service we offer.

However, we can have a bawdy conversation a couple of hours before seeing each other, in order to increase the desire for the match and start the game.

And in this case, we love to have a hot conversation to turn our clients on.

Can I take photos with a companion from Villa del Parque?

Definitely not.

Both our privacy and that of our clients is something that the escorts at Villa del Parque take very seriously.

It is for this reason that photographs or videos are not allowed during the course of our appointments.

How old are the escorts at Villa del Parque?

The ages of the Villa del Parque escorts are as varied as our physical appearance.

In Villa del Parque you can find young girls and mature escorts, blondes, brunettes, redheads, all looking beautiful and with stunning bodies.

Although ages may vary, the escorts at Villa del Parque are all of legal age. You can get escorts from the age of 18 onwards.

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