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Luna Mia ZN Tigre $50

Luna Mia ZN (21)

Lulii ZN Tigre $50

Lulii ZN (31)

Tigre Escort
Hurrem Tiger $50
Trans girl

hurrem (51)

Tigre Escort

Escort from Tigre

Can I do Dirty Talk with a Tigre escort?

It depends on the moment and the occasion.

If the occasion warrants it, some of us do like Dirty Talk, that is, talking dirty.

However, if the moment does not warrant it or we are not willing, you can turn off all the passion.

First, ask us if you can do it and wait for our answer before doing it.

Can I have anal sex with a Tigre escort?

It depends on each escort.

Many Tigre escorts do not include it in their services, but there are more escorts who do not give much importance to having or not having anal sex with their clients and offer a more complete package.

Regardless of whether or not the Tigre escort you hired agrees to have anal sex, any type of sexual contact must be carried out with the use of a condom.

Can a Tigre escort fall in love with a client?

It is unlikely, but cases are known.

Tigre VIP escorts learn to differentiate our work from personal feelings. So it's unlikely that one of us could fall in love with any of our clients.

It is necessary to differentiate the work from the personal. It is possible that we have favorite clients, because of their treatment or performance in bed, but not to the point of being in love.

We take care of fulfilling our work, making our clients feel incredible and completing our service. That's all!

Are all Tigre's VIP escort clients men with a lot of money?

Generally yes.

Being a Tigre VIP escort is not just about offering sexual service. Many of our clients may not request them and we only hire them to accompany them to some events, be a figure that attracts attention or be a distracting element while they are in a negotiation.

If you want to know the rates for our services, you can do it from ArgentinaXP.

How many appointments can a Tigre escort have weekly?

It depends on each one of us.

There are girls who don't take breaks during the week and others of us like to take a few days for ourselves. Everything will depend on how many reservations we are willing to make.

Usually, we can serve a minimum of 4-5 clients weekly, being more productive on weekends.

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