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Love Queen Cañitas $500

love queen (24)

straws Escort
Bianca Canitas $150

Bianca (22)

straws Escort

Lirio (19)

straws Escort
Milenanews Cañitas $150

Milenanews (27)

straws Escort
Mili Cañitas $150

Military service (21)

straws Escort
Ana Paula Cañitas $150

Ana Paula (20)

straws Escort
Mic Cañitas $100

Small (29)

straws Escort
Larissa Canitas $100

Larissa (33)

straws Escort
Koki Cañitas $100

Koki (20)

straws Escort
Zoe VIP Cañitas $100

Zoe VIP (23)

straws Escort
Cataliina Cañitas $100

Cataliina (20)

straws Escort
Cotyy Cañitas $100

Cotyy (20)

straws Escort

Escorts from Cañitas

How should I prepare for my first date with a Cañitas escort?

Mainly, you must be very well groomed with clean clothes and good breath. In addition, manners and education should not be left aside.

Each of us has different rules for our clients. Among the general advice, we recommend that you respect the schedule of our appointment and arrive on time at the agreed place.

The Cañitas escorts are not demanding, but we like that everything has an order to be able to control the situation and that this is a pleasant experience for both of us.

Can I hire a Cañitas escort for my partner without both of them knowing?

Absolutely not! 

All sexual relations that are carried out with us, whether or not a third person is involved, must be fully consensual by all parties.

What you can do to enjoy this experience with your partner is to tell her or him what your fantasy is and then contact us to join you and accompany you to live this moment of lust.

How can I take care of the identity of the Cañitas whore that I hire?

There are certain things you shouldn't do if you want to have a good relationship with us, one of them is to respect our privacy.

The girls who are Cañitas escorts do it voluntarily and we like what we do. However, most of us prefer to keep our private life separate from our work.

Before or after the appointment, do not look for our personal profiles on social networks; Also, do not make spontaneous calls to us, greet us on the street or approach us, unless we consent to the situation in some way.

Can I give a gift to a VIP escort from Cañitas?

Of course! 

Cañitas escorts always appreciate gifts from our clients. 

But don't show up with just anything! If you want to give us something, you can ask us what our tastes are and we will gladly give you several options.

How can I become a trusted client for a Cañitas VIP escort?

Becoming a reliable client for us has more to do with deeds than words. Even much more than with the amount of gifts you give us; although, this plays a lot in your favor.

Our clients become "trustworthy" when they respect our appointment times, are respectful, polite and the number of times we have seen each other and everything has gone well.

No matter how much money you are willing to pay, trust is something that builds slowly over time.

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