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Infinite Masseuse

Do Infinite masseuses offer sexual services?


This is something that all our clients should be clear about, our services do not include sex. However, this does not mean that we cannot have sex with some clients.

In order to get to sex, everything will depend on how we feel at the moment. Massages not only cause sensations in those who feel it, but also in those who perform them.

Some masseuses offer sex as the final touch for a very intense sensual massage session, but it is a service.

Can I have an appointment with an Infinite masseuse outside her workspace?


Although each massage therapist has their own ways of executing their work, it is an almost general rule that the personal and the professional should not mix.

Many massage therapists avoid giving personal information to the people who hire our services. We take our work very seriously and avoid having conflicts with it.

Additionally, unlike escorts, masseuses do not offer escort services of any kind.

What does a sexual massage offer me?

A sexual massage is a relaxing and calm experience from a safe space. Where certain areas in the body that generate pleasure and satisfaction are stimulated.

There is the wrong idea that masseuses offer sex to our clients, and this is not true. Having sex is not something we offer, it is simply a situation that can happen, but it does not happen with all clients.

What the VIP masseuses offer is an experience where you can achieve pleasure through the relationship of your whole body.

How should I prepare to have an appointment with an Infinite masseuse?

Mainly, you should put worries aside and allow yourself to relax. Keep in mind at all times that you have booked an appointment to enjoy a massage.

Our massages allow our clients to release tensions, which also makes them trust us.

When making a reservation with an Infinite masseuse you must be well cleaned. If, due to circumstances beyond your control, you cannot meet this condition, we have a space where you can do so.

Can an Infinite masseuse come to my home?

It's not common, but it's not impossible either.

Most of the Infinite masseuses have an adequate space to serve our clients. Although some of us will agree to go to our client's home, there are certain rules that must be followed; such as: we won't do it on the first date.

It is possible that we make exceptions for long-time clients or those we have a lot of trust in.

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