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Stefii Santa Fe $200

Stefii (21)

Light Run Santa Fe $200
Trans girl

Run Light (28)

Naza Santa Fe $100

Naza (33)

Samantha Santa Fe $100

Samantha (19)

Neira Vip Santa Fe $100

Neira Vip (29)

Catalina Santa Fe $75

Catalina (31)

Emerald Santa Fe $50

Emerald (22)

EMA RELAX Santa Fe $30

EMA relax (46)

Sweet Vicky Santa Fe $30
Trans girl

sweet vicky (34)

Larita Santa Fe $30

larita (32)


Santa Fe Escorts

What are the strangest requests from clients to Santa Fe escorts?

When you are an escort in Santa Fe you can have millions of experiences, and they are all different!

From clients who ask us for weird role plays to those who just want you to watch them masturbate. Strange requests are not something we can't deal with, but it always depends on the clients and each of us has had different experiences.

When we do not agree with any of your requests, we can reject them; We are not obligated to provide any service with which we do not feel comfortable.

What is the age range of the clients of the Santa Fe escorts?

The VIP escorts of Santa Fe can decide what type of person to associate with.

Obviously, we don't usually get involved with minors, but some of us don't have an age limit for our clients either. In general, we usually specify if we have a preference regarding the age of our clients or their gender.

However, those who usually hire our services range from 20 to 70 years old.

What to do if you fall in love with a Santa Fe escort?

If you have not had previous contact with a Santa Fe whore or have little experience with women, you may believe that you have fallen in love with us.

Generally, this is not the case and it is usually a momentary confusion on the part of our clients; motivated by our friendly and personalized treatment. However, if this were to happen, our recommendation is always the same: change the escort.

This way, our client will be able to continue enjoying our services, but without the complications of involving feelings.

Can Santa Fe escorts drink liquor during their dates?

Yes!, but always in moderation.

We definitely don't want to over drink and exceed the time limit for which our client has paid. We also do not want to do things that do not fall within the budgeted rate or be exposed to being mistreated during the service.

It doesn't hurt that we can have one or two glasses of wine during dinner to accompany our client, but we know how to control ourselves so as not to fall into excesses.

What is life like for a Santa Fe escort outside of work?

Like any other, our life outside of our dates is not that different from that of the rest of society.

People tend to believe that we only take care of going from appointment to appointment with one client or another; And this is quite far from reality. Many Santa Fe escorts like to take days off.

During these days we usually do our paperwork, visit relatives, go to the doctor or any other errand of a personal nature.

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