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How do Balvanera escorts protect themselves from STDs?

If there is something that all Balvanera escorts share, it is the mandatory use of condoms in all our sexual relations.

Regardless of whether it is a new or old customer, we do not accept condomless sex no matter how much money is involved. We can even end our appointment if the client refuses to use it.

Keep in mind that we take care of the health of ourselves and also of our clients.

How do Balvanera's VIP escorts separate their personal life from work?

The Balvanera escorts are very professional in our trade and we take them very seriously. Therefore, separating it from our private life is as simple as in any other trade.

The escorts have stable partners and marriages that we do not link with our trade and that do not interfere with it either.

Our private life is as normal as anyone else's.

What is the rate of a Balvanera escort?

There is no fixed rate among the Balvanera escorts.

This is due to the fact that most of us practice this trade independently; that is, we are the ones who set the rate for each of our services, according to our experience.

It is because of this that each of us receives a different amount of money for similar services. Everything will depend on the customer target that we are looking to attract.

Can I take pictures with a whore from Balvanera?

Definitely not.

The Balvanera escorts take care of taking great care of our identity and that of our clients. Photos are something we don't usually allow during appointments with our clients.

This may vary depending on the escort that is going to provide you with their services, but it is best that you ask us first if you can take a picture or not.

What kind of clients do the Balvanera escorts serve?

Our clients are very varied, they can range from a businessman to a politician, but, in general, they are people of high social status who can pay for our services.

The physical aspect for us is irrelevant, as long as our clients are friendly and respectful from the first contact.

We will not refuse to make any request that is previously agreed. Likewise, we will not proceed to carry out any service that is outside of what was previously discussed or with which we do not agree.

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