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Serafin Boedo $100

Serafin (29)

Agronomy Escort
Toreto Boedo $100

Toretto (37)

Agronomy Escort
Cafu Boedo $75

Cafu (23)

Boedo Escort
Lexy Boedo $50
Trans girl

Lexy (25)

Agronomy Escort

Boedo Escorts

How do Boedo escorts take care of rude clients?

The vast majority of Boedo escorts exercise our service independently, which allows us to have direct contact with our clients from the first moment and to be able to evaluate their character to know if we want to offer our services or not.

It is always important to make it very clear to clients what our appointment rules are and what services we offer. However, if our client becomes rude during the appointment, we can politely end the appointment and walk away.

If this is not enough, we can let someone we trust know where we are, inform people who are at the scene of what happened, or call the emergency services.

Do the Boedo whores serve at your home?

This depends on each Boedo escort.

Each one handles their appointments with our clients differently. Generally, we prefer to serve our clients in crowded, neutral spaces rather than heading to a hotel room.

This can be the lobby of a hotel or a restaurant; above all, during the first appointments, we do this mainly for our safety and also for the safety of our clients.

What are the special services of a Boedo escort?

The special services of a Boedo escort vary depending on the girl you decide to hire, whether it is a company or sexual appointment.

Basically, the special services of a Boedo escort are all those that can be considered unconventional or fetishistic that the client requests, which are not part of our usual service, but which we are willing to carry out for an additional cost.

Should I book my appointment with an escort from Boedo in advance?

Definitely yes! 

The Boedo escorts take care of coordinating our entire week, some of us even decided to organize our entire month's appointments. This is to maintain a good organization of our time and to be able to serve all our clients with adequate time.

It is difficult for an escort from Boedo to assist you in a lightning date; For this reason, the suggestion will always be that you can book your appointment with us several days in advance and thus be able to attend you safely.

What is the age limit to be a Boedo VIP escort?

In this trade there is something for all tastes and therefore, something like an age limit is not something that exists. Many of the Boedo escorts decide to retire after they are 45 years old, but this depends on each one. There are even escorts who retire after they are 60 years old.

This age is relative, everything will depend on the type of clients we serve and the decisions that each one of us makes. Mature escorts are one of the greatest fantasies of the youngest clients, thanks to our experience and stunning body.

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