Massage therapist


175 CM


50 USD

Monday to Friday

13: 00hs to 19: 00hs


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Who I am?

Hi, I'm Angelina, a professional masseuse from Palermo.
I can offer you the following services: relaxing, decontracting and sedative massages.
I have my own office, air-conditioned environment, all safety and hygiene measures, tranquility and discretion.
I reserve myself for educated patients only.
Your consultation does not bother!


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8 months ago

It was much more than what I expected. You must be prepared for this hottie. some eyes that kill, some lips that fall in love, a tail that leaves you a thousand.


8 months ago

It was much more d3 what I expected. You must be prepared to try this bonbon. a look that enchants, lips that fall in love with a tail that leaves you a thousand, highly recommended


6 months ago

She is the sweetest and cutest of all!!


4 months ago

A beauty. You fall in love.


4 months ago



4 months ago

A ground


2 months ago

The prettiest and coolest person I have ever met...

Agustin Ghigo

2 months ago

Tremendous canyon, I am in love.

Grandmother (North Wales)

1 week ago

Ugh what a woman! I arrived at the apartment and he greeted me with his tight blouse, he gave me a kiss and showed me in, he asked me if I wanted the tatami or the stretcher and I went first, we undressed each other, between kisses, the massage would be left for later. She has beautiful breasts, large and firm, with a Perfect nipple, a small waist, and wide hips to hold herself strong. We were embraced and naked while the caresses, kisses, my whole body shudders in an orgasm that I feel all the way to the tips of my feet. Thus we remain, in ecstasy, shivering, hugging each other to support ourselves because we disarm and merge, even if it is only for a moment I would repeat it many more times.

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