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Who I am?

Hello, I am Angelina, a professional masseuse with her own department in the Palermo neighborhood.
I can offer you the following services: relaxing, decontracting and sedative massages.
I have my own office, air-conditioned environment, all safety and hygiene measures, tranquility and discretion.
I reserve myself for educated patients only.
Your consultation does not bother!


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Experiences (12)


3 months ago

It's from recently today, I visited her at her apartment in Palermo, she told me that she opened it very recently, the place is very nice
She is voluptuous, star-style, the massages are good, although she is more of an escort than a masseuse and you can tell that she has a lot of experience in the environment.
The experience was acceptable


3 months ago

In person she is much prettier than in photos. Super friendly and her massages are excellent! Without a doubt I want to return


3 months ago

She is the type of woman you always want by your side! Her massages were truly a delight!
She is much prettier as a sweet and cordial person. I come back for more.


3 months ago

It is very pretty, the photos do not judge how beautiful it is in person, very clean place and excellent service, I would return again, I feel very relaxed.


2 months ago

Good massages, good pressure
Normal manual relaxation
Wave vedette, big girl


2 months ago

I visited her on Friday
TERRIBLE BOMB, super nice and sweet.
Your apartment is super clean, excellent service…. I would return a thousand times! (the most important thing is INDEPENDENT)


2 months ago

Only manual relaxation, the rest exceeded my budget
Big, voluptuous
Acceptable massages, not much else to highlight


2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! Super nice and sweet, very good massages, she has strength! He offered me coffee and shower service!
Impeccable Angie 🤤


2 months ago

Beautiful Angie! I went to the super comfortable and very well located apartment! Their massages are excellent and it is always worth coming back!!! I agree with the other comments, she is much prettier in person and super friendly!


2 weeks ago

TERRIBLE WOMAN!!! Super nice, very good massages 👌I'll be back for more.


1 week ago

We were together a while ago, when you were in La Lucila, you told me that you liked me since you saw me… you are an incredible bomb! I still remember the meeting and all the poses!


10 hours ago

Good massages. The only thing notable

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