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Photo by Martina CBA

Who I am?

I am a beautiful escort from Cordoba of excellent level in the Recoleta neighborhood, beautiful face, fine, delicate and very sexy.

My body is as it is seen in the photos and videos, toned based on gymnastics and good nutrition.

My service is conventional and it is excellent!


Photo of Dani

Martina C.B.A.

is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (7)

The intellectual

hace 2 años

This girl is prettier than the photos, super cool, fine..


hace 2 años

You are beautiful from Cordoba, I loved meeting you, I did not expect it, thank you beautiful


hace 2 años

Bella is from Córdoba, she is charming… and if it is true what the previous comment says that she is prettier than what you see in the photos!


hace 2 años

Today I met Martina, I liked her a lot... she is very pretty and fine, for a girlfriend, the girl, charming, should be on top first, she has an excellent level of truth


1 years ago

Hello 👋
When you return to Córdoba, we are waiting for you in beautiful

Corto Maltes

1 years ago

I will simply affirm and support all the comments that precede this one. Highly recommended.


1 years ago

Terrible woman, very delicate, very perfumed, very soft, she needs to give some good kisses and it would be total madness!!!!. Now seeing her in a thong and asking her to dress her up is heaven.

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