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Who I am?

Hello, I'm Aitana, a Vip Nurse Escort 👸🏻
I stand out for providing a service of excellence where I will make you know all the limits of pleasure. I am a sexy, fine and very fun, multi-orgasmic woman who loves my job and prioritizes pleasure and adventure. I love making sex an art. My treatment is natural, as if we knew each other and that is why you will feel totally comfortable with me, I can be your heaven or your hell, you decide ❤️‍🔥
In addition to all the services I provide, I practice erotic lactation. Do you know what it is about? Are you curious? You will suck my breasts with milk which will cause you total excitement, I enjoy it a lot and I assure you it will blow your mind feeling warm and wet 🥵
When it comes to sex I am very complete and I love showing all my experience. Without a doubt you will not regret having met me and you will want to see me again.


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Aitana Vip

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Experiences (20)


7 months ago

Tremendously daring, she likes absolutely everything… in all positions!
It turns you on just by looking at his face


7 months ago

The best nurse Escort I ever met, the truth is that what turns her on having her tits sucked is from another planet, it blew my mind, I will definitely return 👌


7 months ago

Tremendous Exp, I was able to coordinate a lot about the time and it was a problem for us to see each other, very attentive and good vibes throughout the meeting and those breasts are beautiful! I will definitely cancel again when I can <3


7 months ago

Aitana is fine plus jolie in vrai que sur ses photos. Fille très sympathique et un peu fofolle qui aime vraiment le sexe et qui semble ouverte à tout. Une bombe. Elle proposes des options qui font grimper la note mais qui sont formidablement prestées. Belle peau. Petite corps three sexy and super bandant


7 months ago

I saw her on Sunday, she's not wasted, super cool in every way and I paid for the full service, a show what she does with her tits ❤️‍🔥🍼


6 months ago

Totally recommended, a pleasure to hydrate with those divine breasts!


6 months ago

I saw her last night, the truth is tremendous beautiful asshole, and it was incredible to see her finish 💦, without a doubt I'm back!

Dante Alighieri

6 months ago

I saw her on Saturday, a super cool and punctual genius, in bed it is worth saying that it is like deflowering a flower, which feels incredible down there when she is all tight and hot and listening to her moans of pleasure it was undoubtedly an experience unforgettable, a beautiful skinny girl


6 months ago

I came from Uruguay and opted for the wet nurse service plus the conventional one! I can say that it was the most erotic experience of my life, how much it made me enjoy this delight 🥵 I can say that when I return to Buenos Aires I will hydrate myself again with those breasts and enjoy that sweet honey that she has between her legs! Aitana you are unique


5 months ago

Tremendous, good-natured and a beast in bed, she enjoys sex a lot and ends up feeling uncontrolled. She manages everything out of 10!


5 months ago

I came from New York as a tourist I chose Aitana to keep me company and I loved her nurse service, she was worth every dollar I spent, an incredible woman in bed and very friendly and attentive when I return to Argentina I agree to see her again I am delighted with that ass and her unique personality


4 months ago

I saw her today, the truth is, a super polite and punctual Reyna, very funny and charismatic, in bed it should be noted that a fire, and I risked paying the additional fee for wet-nurse service and the truth is, a fire to drink milk from her breasts and Seeing her writhe with pleasure, I will undoubtedly return to Aitanaa


4 months ago

I adore conhecê-la, an Argentine woman who is very pretty and, embora grara, her beauty is perceptível and also her charisma, Argentina has pretty women and it is worth highlighting that she is very sexy


4 months ago

Very beautiful in person, she is prettier than in the photos, I really enjoyed her company! Very nice and professional, a fire in bed 🔥


3 months ago

Incredible young lady, very beautiful, educated, knows how to handle the situation very well, in bed it is worth highlighting that a fire, I really enjoyed her company both in privacy and on the date; a wonderful woman ❤️‍🔥


3 months ago

I had an incredible time, even though there was no sexual encounter, enjoying his pleasant company and the beautiful and entertaining mentality he has was great ♥️


2 months ago

An ecstasy of pleasure aitana dear, taking those breasts, and that tail was the best thing that happened to me, I repeat


1 month ago

Excellent person and excellent services she provides both sexually and in her company, totally nice and polite, we went out to eat and then to my hotel and she is a totally polite and fun lady at the same time, totally transparent, I will definitely visit her again choose


1 month ago

I saw her today, beautiful lady, beautiful company, very nice and polite, a fire in bed, her way of finishing and the squirt blew my mind! I repeat ❤️‍🔥


2 weeks ago

I saw her today, incredible beautiful woman, drinking the sweetness of her breasts was a fascinating experience and watching her enjoy it even more!! It is worth highlighting the friendliness and charisma he has made me feel very comfortable! Without a doubt when I return to Argentina I will contact her again, you are beautiful Aitana

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