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Who I am?

Hi love, I'm Amelie and I want to be your best company, confidant and lover ❣️

I am an educated university student, with whom you could share a good talk, a dinner or a drink to break the ice 🥂

In bed I am very fiery 🔥 I love caresses and real kisses 💋 they are a fundamental part of achieving the climax of eroticism and confidence that characterizes me so much 💥

I also love having threesomes, meeting couples and wearing fun accessories. My service is for all genders 🌈

I also know languages, so I can give you an excellent service even if you don't speak Spanish 🌎

I await your message so I can give you personalized attention when coordinating our appointment and be able to make us happy at least for the time we share together 💕

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Experiences (23)


1 years ago

WHAT A WOMAN!! not only that she is beautiful but that she makes love to you like the gods! When he does the oral he has the sexiest look I've seen in all my years so much that I couldn't stand it and it ended there.. We had a break with the best talk and then my mind exploded when we had sex.. I promised you I'd come back and I'll come back 100% !! !


1 years ago

I had a great time!! he has a great touch with the client
pampering, massages, good talk... incredible skin to kiss
warmth like few others .. it shows that she likes what she does .. in bed a beast
see you soon love!


1 years ago

Amelie is beautiful and sex with her is heavenly. But what I like most about her is the connection she generates.
Amélie is my number one


1 years ago

She's beautiful, nice and gaucho, I had a great time with Amelie, we had a terrible fuck and shared a nice chat, I'm sure I'll be back

Jarvis M.

1 years ago

Amélie is an exquisite natural beauty. Fiery, passionate and extremely skilled. She loves to please and loves to be pleased. She speaks excellent English and will stimulate you intellectually as well as physically. Ella's Amelie's oral skills might be the best I ever had and her body is heavenly. She is worth every peso.


1 years ago

I fell in love, she came to my airbnb for an hour and I ended up hiring her for more hours because of the incredible wave she has. It is worth every dollar it will be mandatory every time it is for BA

Juan Ignacio

11 months ago

The photos don't do it justice!! She is much prettier in person and is very charismatic! I didn't have the pleasure of being with her, I hired her to take her to a business lunch. I asked her to dress according to the situation and she complied perfectly. She made me look very good with the client, she is very educated, she knows when to speak and when not.


10 months ago



8 months ago

I tried several escort girls from this website and tell you: Amelie is for me the best experience I ever had with an escort in my life so far. If you treat Amelie great you can receive everything you desire.


8 months ago

Amelie is spontaneous and by far a good experience for those who are seeking a good adventurous night. She speaks English very well. Just not Russian. Otherwise Amelie is a 10/10 girlie!!! Do not miss out to have fine with her de ella 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️


7 months ago

I am not one to leave reviews but everyone deserves to meet you.
Thank you 🙏
The truth thanks. You took me to another world 🌎


6 months ago

Much, MUCH prettier in person than in the photos!! She is exotic, I don't know how to explain it.. she fucked me 3 times!!
The comments above are true, it has a very good vibe and fucking takes you to another dimension! 0 mechanic, feel everything you do.
He told me that when college starts, prices will surely increase... so take advantage.
we had to go to a hotel... the good thing: he has a car so he moves everywhere and he went to one near my work.


3 months ago

Is beautiful


3 months ago

She is beautiful and has excellent English

facebook developer

3 months ago


Peeled from Mar del Plata

2 months ago

what a beautiful tail


2 months ago

It's a crazy thing!!! I felt like her boyfriend from the moment I entered until I left, the apartment was very well decorated, the bathroom was complete and impeccable, it had everything in the fridge to eat and she was divine with her lingerie that didn't last long ha ha!
An incredible tail and firm and natural breasts just the way I like them! Thin as is the photos, and a service that is worth repeating again! See you next!!


2 months ago

For those who are looking for a good service without risking having a bad time, this is the place!!! It doesn't fail!! Already visited 3 times and counting..


2 months ago

This woman in another life was a geisha!! She 😍😍😍 she knows how to please like no other, she's worth every dollar!


2 months ago

What I liked is that it is 100% natural, it is the typical little girl that you would get up in a bowling alley or tinder if she gave you a ball.
With that skin and that genetics, no one needs surgery, I love you, Goddess is praying to you!


2 months ago

Perfect body, she speaks English perfectly; perfect for foreigners. Everything perfect 👍🏻 💯🇺🇸


6 days ago

My preference !!! Freshness, beauty, passion, there is everything in you love me goddess


14 hours ago

What I experienced with this young lady was an immersive experience and deserves to be told.
All senses were focused on that hotel bed.. she is genuinely what is called 50% angel 50% demon..

He has a look that cannot be described, when he looks at you you get lost in the depth of those eyes... you feel that he sees your soul and seems to read everything you need at that moment.
The way he smacked and moistened his lips and nibbled on his lower lip while we did it set me on fire. When she placed her lips on my ear and very softly moaned with pleasure, I got goosebumps... (literally)

With soft skin, sweet aroma and gentle touch, it knows how to caress gently.
She tangled her fingers in my hair and made just enough force to give me a sexy tug when she finished, everything seemed tailor-made.
How after finishing while I was catching my breath, she ran the tips of her fingers on my chest and made curls with my hair, it was the sweetest thing.

I am a not so young romantic, I came looking for affection and good company and I found it in her. I like to feel, it shows that she does too...
They say that a gentleman has no memory, but I am a frequent wanderer on this page... I must say that no one was like her.

As Ron Israel said – I don't care if I'm not a poet, you will always be worth writing about.

Thank you so much, I found what I was looking for so much.

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