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How much do escorts charge? - Learn to differentiate between an escort and others

Everyone has ever wondered how much do escorts chargeespecially people who love the idea of ​​having a beautiful girl by their side for all to see. Whether at a party or any social event, or simply in a quiet moment; there is nothing better than having a beautiful escort lady.

But not everyone likes the thrill of hunting an attractive girl in a bar for example. Suppose that you are one of those people who enjoys the company of a beautiful lady, but is not one of those who is dedicated to meeting random girls in bars; then the best option for you is to hire a escort service.

The rates of an escort that you are willing to pay, will depend largely on your taste for women, your personal interests and; most importantly, the amount of money you are willing to spend. These three factors go hand in hand in the selection process that you must take into account; the more quality and versatility you want, the more money will have to come out of your pocket.

Photo 1 How much do escorts charge? – Learn to differentiate between an escort and others

Internationally, how much do escorts charge?

The prices of the VIP company ladies vary depending on the location, the quality and the services offered. You can search the local and international directories of VIP escorts online to find agencies and independent escorts. The escorts with price relatively tall, they are the ones that are considered the most elegant and sophisticated.

In general, Argentinian escortsWhether they are part of an agency or independent, they charge by the hour. However, some girls charge based on the services they offer during an agreed time. The best agencies hire for 500 USD per hour as a minimum rate. It is a bit expensive compared to independent companies, which manage their own price within the escort service.

International agencies classify their girls at different levels, which vary in terms of prices. The CABA escorts first class can cost between $ 5.000 and $ 10.000; they may charge even a larger sum for extra services. Whichever route you choose, make sure you have enough money to spare to tip the girls; after all, it is work that deserves respect and recognition.

Difference between independent escorts and agency escorts

Una escorts with price independent, it is usually more affordable; because there are no intermediaries who take care of your reservations or the general expenses that the agencies have. Independent escorts charge from $ 100 to a couple thousand, depending on what they are capable of. Both agencies Buenos Aires escorts as independent escorts have their pros and cons.

It all depends on your perspective as a customer on which one works between the two, so consider that when you think about how much do escorts charge. Agencies have a lot to offer in terms of women and services; They often have a catalog of girls where you can see what they look like, what they know how to do, and their personality. The selection process is easier, and the specialists are the ones who give you suggestions, based on what attracts you.

To hire a escort girl you will have to search the internet and speak directly to the girls, to negotiate the terms. You have to be thorough with the selection process; since you have to search for them through their ads, which requires a bit of time and effort, but it will be worth it; because of the money you will save.

Photo 2 How much do escorts charge? – Learn to differentiate between an escort and others

Different types of escort in Argentinaxp

Girls who work independently and advertise on the page are classified according to the services they offer; that is why there are four categories within the escort service that they offer:

Diamond Escort

Considered the high class escorts, they are at your disposal in the safest way. They have exceptional beauty and are mainly concentrated in the capital of Argentina; where the luxury and elegance of its buildings, accompany them in each reservation.

How much do Diamond escorts charge? You will only find out by visiting their profiles; They are synonymous with exclusivity and only few are certified as one, in fact they are counted on the fingers of both hands. So if you have enough money, it is the perfect option for you.

Platinum Escort

These are incredible escorts that go to the comfort of your home, you don't need to move from where you are, as this incredible selection; It has young girls who are willing to please you in every way.

The rates of an escort They will cease to matter to you, when you are impressed with such beauty, intelligence and personality. They are distributed in almost all the neighborhoods of the capital and as VIPs, they are among the best. Her curves, hair, and abilities stand out from the rest.

Gold escort

The exclusive collection of escort girls, whose variety will make you lose your head. There are all kinds, blondes, brunettes, tall, small, with fetishes, willing to play role-playing games or do BDSM practices.

Golden escorts are on the list of the most reserved in Buenos Aires, demanding clients or with very specific requests; They have this catalog, to navigate among a sea of ​​girls willing to do anything, as long as you understand the limits, and are willing to pay the value of their services.

How much do Gold escorts charge? Visit their profiles and contact them.

Escort First

To close the collection, you have the women who have magic between their fingers and their hands. Erotic masseuses will make you relax and excite at the same time, because just by looking at her body, your senses will be shaken.


El how much do escorts charge It does not have to be a secret, you just have to know that the price will change depending on whether they are independent or agency and above all; the services they offer according to the time.

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