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Earning money as an escort - How much can you earn as a VIP escort

Like all people who start in this trade, there is the question of whether it is possible to earn money as an escort; There is usually no set price tab for people who practice this type of profession. Simply, each Argentine escort you set your prices and let your customers know.

The above is common, it is what most of the CABA escorts newbies do; However, there is no standard that allows the costs of the service to be established, because, like any other service; Sexual service also depends on demand and supply, the market being the one that determines its value and the escorts make the corresponding adjustments to their services to stay in business.

How to really price as a VIP escort?

We must remember that in order to start offering the service of VIP escort, first you must have a good disposition. You must inform yourself of what an escort really does; what are the services offered in and out of bed, as well as the risks involved in exercising this trade.

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Be in good physical condition

First thing for earn money as an escort, is to have a good physical condition; that is to say, an attractive and desirable body. Exercise, look for the means to enhance your attributes in a natural way, or if you have the possibility, undergo an aesthetic treatment that enhances these attributes; It can be breast augmentation, liposuction, butt lift, or any other treatment that makes you look better and more desirable. So the first step will be to invest time and money in you.

You must be accommodating to your customers

Escorts are usually complacent people, it is precisely the service that makes potential clients hire them. The idea is that each client receives a service with which they feel comfortable, comfortable and satisfied.

This does not mean that you should do everything, or that you should perform acts that you are not comfortable with; What we mean is that you must find a way for the client who receives your services to have a pleasant time.

Have customer information

Before specifying a meeting with a potential client, you should try to get to know him a little; You can achieve this through a telephone conversation by appointment. The intention of obtaining information from the client before meeting, is to be able to determine that he is not a person with whom you do not feel comfortable, or who perhaps has the wrong intentions with you.

During this "interview" you can ask the client what services they want to obtain, or make it clear in advance what services you offer. If you are smart and flexible with some things, you will make a lot of money.

Have a range of services to offer

The more services you offer, you can earn more money as an escort; It's simple, an escort who only offers her escort service to executive events earns less money than an escort who is willing to have sex with whoever hires her. A mature escort who offers an anal sex service earns more money than an escort who does not.

As you can see, the more services you offer, the more you can charge for the time your potential clients are going to spend with you.

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You must segment your costs

As you read, if it is not bad to have a standard rate for 45 minutes or 1 hour that includes a certain amount of things you can do, you must have services apart from these; such as the girlfriend experience, which is pretending to be your client's girlfriend for a certain time; or perhaps BDSM services, as well as escorting out of town trips, participating in threesomes or orgies. The important thing about these services is that they keep the customer interested and keep them coming back.

These additional services to the daily or traditional service have a higher cost than the average; keep this in mind. In general, you can charge between 50 UDS and 400 UDS per hour, depending on everything that we have previously indicated.

How to earn money as an escort?

As we have mentioned before, there is no standard cost for what you can charge for your services; So we recommend that you find out how much other escorts charge, what services they offer and how they segment them; This will allow you to be competitive and maintain similar costs.

Many girls at the beginning decide to contact an agency to put their services to order; However, it is not what we recommend, because an agency keeps a percentage of the money that you work, and in many opportunities they do not allow you to choose who you are going to deal with; they only get the client and you must attend their appointment.

Being an independent escort will bring you many more benefits; It may take a while to get clients that allow you to make a living from this trade, but it is the safest option by far.

In addition, there are various types of online platforms where you can advertise (like this one), where customers come to you quickly and directly; Without intermediaries, you don't have to look for clients, clients look for you; This way you can have control of the appointments you can attend and which you can decline.


Now that you know how earn money as an escort, The only thing you should take into account is the time you will have to invest to make this job your main income. We recommend you read and inform yourself, ask colleagues and your clients how to improve.

Similarly, we invite you to read the articles on our blog, such as What not to do as an escort y escorts in times of pandemic, where we will give you more advice and you will learn more about this trade.

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