Encounters with escorts - The risks and fears behind STDs Posted on 19/07/2021 By God

Encounters with escorts - The risks and fears behind STDs

Those of you who are taking your first steps into the world of escortsyou will probably have many questions in mind. Questions that not only address the appropriate etiquette for encounters with escorts in Argentina, but those of a more personal or intimate nature.

Like, for example, what is the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) during your encounters with escorts?

This is a very real concern, both for the escorts and their clients; And since we are sure that taking care of themselves is important for both of us, today we will talk about the real risks and fears of getting an STD having encounters with escorts.

So read on and learn the best way to take care of yourself!

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What are the risks of getting STDs in encounters with escorts?

One of the most important and frequently asked questions from users should be about sexually transmitted diseases and whether meeting with VIP escorts is safe for them.

After all, VIP escorts most popular meet with many men; so there is always the possibility of coming into contact with someone who may be suffering from an STD and, if the proper precautions are not taken, infect them with something unpleasant.

So; Of course, this is a subject very close to the heart of the escort girls and one of them shared with us how, when she first came to the country and entered the world of escorts in Argentina, at first she was very worried about some aspects of the job; especially the risk of becoming infected with an STD.

To help clear your fears, we'll show you the truth behind the risks of getting STDs at encounters with escorts and what are the measures that independent escorts They take respect for the safety of themselves and their clients.

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The truth behind the risk of getting STDs

Unsurprisingly, our companion initially had many concerns, and her most constant concern was the idea that sleeping with multiple men would put her in a high-risk position for an STD.

But he discovered an interesting fact, which undoubtedly greatly alleviated his fears. As she gained more experience in the escort industry, she quickly realized that the risk of getting STDs was; minimal in fact, as she always used condoms for penetrative or oral sex.

And, in effect, using protection to maintain any sexual contact is a standard security protocol for all companions; especially if they offer their services as independent escorts.

The priority is to offer a safe meeting, both for the escort and for the client; part of this includes a periodic medical check-up to ensure that the escort ladies are in optimal sexual health. However, the quality of these measures will depend a lot on the companion and the way in which she works; that is, if it belongs to an agency or is independent.

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How do escorts take care to prevent STDs in their encounters?

Argentine escorts are meticulous and conscientious women who practice safe sex; which means that during their encounters, they know to use condoms at all times. However, we understand that following this advice is entirely up to them.

When being an escort became popular in Argentina, some of the main recruitment agencies insisted that their girls had to follow the rules that were established to the letter; and if any of them offered “'extras” such as kisses, oral sex without a condom or anything else that was out of the ordinary; it was considered too intimate contact, so they risked some kind of unintended consequence

Today encounters with escorts, with girls from agencies or independent escorts; like those found in ArgentinaXP, they are a little less cautious; many offer what is known as “The Girlfriend Experience”Or the dating experience.

Although this service is open to interpretation, it generally means that the escort will act as your girlfriend; where passionate sex, kisses, sex without a condom and a generally more intimate and personal encounter are expected.

In reality, this type of experience can include anything from soft kisses to deep French kisses, penetrative and oral sex, with or without a condom. Something completely circumvents the recommended security protocols and therefore escorts are not obliged to offer it.

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We understand that sometimes, in the heat of the moment, an escort may agree to perform this special service; but that is always your prerogative. Just as some escorts will not accept, under any circumstances, any type of kiss, especially the French kiss.

So, generally for safety, no matter how permissive the escort is, penetrative sex is always accompanied by a condom, and the vast majority of them adhere to this rule.

Even if, occasionally, an escort can relax the rules a bit when she has an encounter with a regular client; that is completely up to her and shouldn't be an expectation when you have your own encounters with escorts.


In conclusion, if you are concerned about the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease during any of your encounters with escortsYou should always insist on condoms for any type of sexual encounter with any escort in Argentina.

The vast majority already practice safe sex, so this will not be seen as an unusual request, but only as part of normal procedures, and you should not worry about encountering resistance.

After all, escorts provide an invaluable service for all types of men; so we want to make sure that this service is not adversely affected by those select few who refuse to take care of their health and endanger the sexual health of others at the same time.

If you want to have a better idea about the work that escorts do; visit our blog and you will find their stories in the post My first time or if you want to discover how you can have fun using the toys of an escort to enrich your encounters with escorts.

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