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Tips for first timers (first time escort)

You finally made up your mind to hire an escort service for the first time. The first thing you should consider is that you are going to hire a service, not to fall in love, nor is the companion going to fall in love with you. They are going to make an exchange: you look for pleasure and they, money. On Argentine XP We offer you some tips for when it is your first time.

Appearance is important

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The girls who are going to offer their services are going to go with their best appearance, so keep in mind that you must prepare yourself: nothing like a good shower before, since you are located in the hotel, motel or where you request the service; An aftershave never hurts. Body hygiene and good looks are appreciated. The escorts They are well dressed, groomed, just as you asked them to be. For this reason, when you hire a escort service the best thing is that appearance is what counts. Feelings, those have to be left elsewhere.

Remember to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for the occasion: you are not going to any concert or gala to see your favorite opera artist, but to fulfill a fantasy, and the best way to do it is by dressing in a decent way, not so elegant nor so sloppy.

Fair payment when you hire an escort service

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Another point is to have hard cash: although some services can be paid by transfer, the best is in cash. To make a budget, you should also count the condoms and the extra services that the girls you are going to hire sometimes offer.

You should also consider that both your time and hers is valuable. If you are sure of hiring a company service, do it and period. The girl shouldn't waste her time on your insecurities either.

Security in hiring the escort service

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For security reasons, the girl is likely to ask for a password and location in real time via WhatsApp. All company girls published in Argentine XP They are of legal age and verified, serious and professional. Do it with confidence.

Once you are located, what is also at your expense is the transport of the girl to your place. Consider this also when you do accounts and save to hire this service. Remember that it is a service like any other, and honesty is what will count for a good experience.

If you decide to go to the place of the escort girl, because some have this, you may be asked DNI, for sheer security; do not worry. The building staff will never reveal your details. Remember that what here, when hiring the escort service is about, is that you have a memorable moment.

Calm down: we do nothing wrong

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You may be nervous: there is a lot of expectation and sometimes a lot of prejudice when you go to hire an escort service; it is thought to be bad, that at this time it can be almost retrograde. But it is a service from which both parties ultimately win, and no one is harmed. On Argentine XP security in hiring the service is an objective when hiring the service.

So, the second most important thing is that you calm down, that you relax and that you enjoy the accompaniment to the fullest. The escort of Argentine XP She is a professional who can guide you, take her role as a partner for the moment and make you get what you are looking for: your satisfaction and pleasure.

En Argentine XP You will find the best escorts with their best services in Buenos Aires. Do not risk services with little security towards yourself or put yourself at risk when hiring an escort service; don't put your safety at risk for poor quality service. In Argentina XP the girls are independent escorts. Hire the ones that can offer you quality and safety.

Respect for the escort

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Escorts can be misnamed prostitutes, trolls, whores, sex workers, sex workers, cats or cats. The diminutives are also widely used, such as kittens, kittens, whores or trolls. It is common for escorts to be misnamed trolls, whores, kittens, kittens or whores. Out of respect, never do it. Remember that you are requesting to hire an escort service, and the girls in Argentina XP are very professional and deserve all the respect.

When hiring an accompaniment service, you should also know that you are investing your money for yourself, so you are looking for a good service; on Argentine XP you are sure to find the girl of your dreams (or fantasies).

The happy ending

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The first time will not be the last, we assure you that. The escort service of the Argentina XP girls will guarantee that you will hire an escort service again, and you can find something for all tastes and moods. The important thing is that both you and the girl have a pleasant experience that goes beyond expectations.

As we mentioned before, in Argentine XP The profiles are verified and we require that they be professional escorts, if you ever suffer from a scam please upload your experience with WhatsApp captures and a brief account of what happened to alert the web and other colleagues of the mishandling of the escorts forum.

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