The best hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your VIP escort Posted on 16/08/2021 By Carlos

The best hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your VIP escort

Continuing with the accommodation recommendations to spend a special night with your escort Buenos Aires, today we have to talk about the best hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your VIP escort.

Recoleta is one of the most popular neighborhoods among the general public when it comes to entertainment and tourism; So if you've decided to hang out with escort girls in recoleta and explore among its main attractions; you most likely want to know where you can take them to end your evening in a comfortable space.

After all, going out on a date with mature escorts in recoleta it is quite an experience; Fortunately, the available accommodations, such as temporary hostels or hotels, are abundant enough so that you can choose, based on your budget, which of them you prefer to visit.

So, keep reading to know some features and reference prices of the best hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your VIP escort; So that in this way, you can plan your perfect night with a movie ending in the most luxurious neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Photo 1 The best Hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your VIP escort

The best hotels to visit with an escort Recoleta

To a Argentine escort he likes to spend a fun and pleasant time in the company of his clients; and the hotel where they spend the night is part of all that. And when it comes to escorts in recoleta, the class is included in the price.

Therefore, to help you in your search for the ideal hotel, we will describe you the best hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your vip escort, which have been compiled in this list taking the quality-price ratio as the main selection criterion.

So if you have hired independent escorts in recoleta to accompany you on an evening tonight; try to book one of these accommodations for when the special moment arrives.

Hotel Bel Air

Located in Arenales 1462, Recoleta; Hotel Bel Air is a beautiful classic and luxurious style accommodation with an excellent location from which you have access from numerous metro stations and bus stops.

A reservation for two people for one night in a suite with a double bed is approximately $ 60 USD and includes breakfast. The room offers soundproofing and a minibar, as well as free Wi-Fi.

The interior design is warm and very well lit, with wooden floors and modern furniture for a homey, romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

Hotel Recoleta

This Hotel located in Jose Leon Pagano 2684, Recoleta; it is located just 100 meters away from Libertador avenue; it is easily accessible via the metro station. The interior offers a clean modern style, with plenty of lighting and simple decor in warm tones.

Around you can find places such as restaurants and cafes. It is located less than 3 kilometers from numerous sources of entertainment such as Plaza Serrano, the Colón Theater and the Recoleta Cemetery 800 meters away.

The price for a one night reservation for two people in a room with a double bed is $ 24 USD. It includes, among other things, a flat-screen TV with access to streaming services such as Netflix, free toiletries and free Wi-Fi.

Epic Recoleta Hotel

With location in Laprida 1910, Recoleta. The Epic Recoleta Hotel offers proximity to different tourist spots in Recoleta and Palermo; which you can access from two metro stations 700 meters away.

The building has its own bar and restaurant and the room reservation includes breakfast.

Among other amenities, you can enjoy a soundproof suite with a minibar, a bathtub, a flat-screen TV and great views of the city. The reservation for one night for two people is located at $ 41 USD and the room has a private entrance.

Photo 2 The best Hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your VIP escort

Hotel Midtown Buenos Aires

This accommodation is a temporary hostel, you can find it in Mansilla 2461, Recoleta and it offers a comfortable environment with modern furniture and favorable wood decoration.

The suites have air conditioning and you can have access to a bar service. Prices per suite range from USD 4,5 to USD 7; the shifts you can book are incredibly varied depending on the time and day. But we can mention that the minimum to reserve is 2 hours, starting at 21:00 p.m. on Saturday and the longest is 7 hours that you can enjoy on Sundays, Monday through Thursday, Friday and the eve of holidays at specific times .

Pelican Hotel

This hotel is another telo, and is located in Laprida 1429, Recoleta, a few meters from Av. Santa Fe. The space is comfortable, with a classic style decorated in warm tones; It offers different suites according to the services you want to include in your shift reservation, such as hydromassage.

The prices range between 4,5 USD and 7 USD pesos for a suite and you can book shifts of 4 hours every day between 8:00 a.m. and 22:00 p.m., after that time and until 8:00 a.m. you can only book 2 hour shifts.


To enjoy a night with vip escorts in recoleta, these accommodations can serve very well according to your tastes. Just remember that some places may have their own reservation policies or request specific documents to allow entry to their facilities, which are not mentioned on this web page.

The information provided on the best hotels in Recoleta to enjoy with your VIP escort It is referential and you should check the official accommodation pages to be aware of updates in prices or reservation conditions.

However, the fun doesn't just end in the hotel room. And if you are one of those who prefers a meeting in your own home, you can learn about encounters with escorts at home or about the most interesting fantasy games that you can enjoy with a vip escort by visiting our blog; There you will find everything you want to know to fully enjoy your dates with escorts.

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