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Who I am?

Hello! I'm Dafne, graphic model/advertising 📸💃. Currently, a model for underwear catalogs 💋 and my measurements are 90-60-90. I'm the same one you see in the photos and even prettier in person 🤩. I would love to invite you to my luxury apartment to have a drink and get to know each other better! I am very cuddly and I love the treatment of boyfriends 🤗. She also organize events with friends. Write me and I'll tell you more! You will not regret it! 😉


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Experiences (12)


5 months ago

Yesterday I went to visit her and I told her that if she had a good time, I would write a brief review. In a few words, she opened the door for me and she is beautiful, she is very similar to Julieta from GH, haha, she is divine, we talked a lot, it was a moment in which I felt that we were We knew each other before, bah at least she made me feel that, she did everything so naturally! I'm not from the stick but I'm going back because I passed it 100


5 months ago

What a woman!!!! When I arrived I was shocked wauuuuu we had an excellent time delicious kisses she with a delicious perfume and beautiful service and a cute little body with a very full face


3 months ago

How beautiful this blonde we did a threesome with her neighbor and they are both divine, they interact with each other, I also liked the place. Daphne is a princess, she is charming, she looks like a magazine model


3 months ago

It was hard for me to contact her, I sent her msg several times and we couldn't match but today the day I met her arrived and she's prettier than the photos and she looks at you in a way she told me that if I came back next time we'd bathe together the blonde received me all scented and beautiful


3 months ago

Very good experience, the other day I went and we played some free fire games, total madness while we discussed the future elections


3 months ago

A beauty that cannot be missed!!!
Super sweet and super cool!!
Don't hesitate to contact her!!!
I know what I'm telling you….

nffvega you

2 months ago

I sent msg several times and we couldn't match but today the day arrived I met her and she's prettier than the photos and she looks at you in a way she told me that if I came back next time we'd bathe together she received me all scented beautiful the ruby

But to you

2 months ago

Today I met this hottie, we had an excellent time, it was an hour of wonderful sex. When she opened the door for me, I was shocked, I told her that I had never had a threesome and we agreed that next time we would organize something with her neighbor who showed me Instagram and this terrible two gorgeous blondes


2 months ago

Today in the afternoon I called Dafne because another girl that I coordinated stood up and Dafne made a hole for me in her agenda. It's infernal, she has a bb face but when it comes to sucking, she sucks like a goddess. The truth is, I went to see her wanting to see the other one who stood up more than her, but things happen for a reason and we're going to be very good friends with daphne


3 weeks ago

Dafne and her neighbor left me out of bed for a long time since I didn't have the pleasure of sharing a threesome with two completely different beauties and having so much real contact with each other divinesss


2 weeks ago

What I value most in a meeting is the wave and with her I found everything, good vibes, nice talk and a very pretty face (I'm one of those who prefers a pretty face to body) I loved her baby face


1 week ago

It was difficult for me to coordinate with her But I was able to open the door for me and it is divine. Beautiful skin, young girl. The service is just as described. She is not complete but she allows herself to be caressed completely. I finished and took a bath, the place was luxurious and everything was very complete.

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