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Who I am?

My name is Violeta, I studied and specialized in different techniques over the years such as Decontracting massages, relaxing Nuru, Lingam among others.
I am very passionate about what I do, I love connecting with each patient and taking them to a unique relaxation where our bodies can be one...
In me you will not only find a 100% professional masseuse, but also a very fine, elegant, charismatic and friendly woman, someone with whom to share and forget about the daily routine. A confidant who understands you and helps you discover the hidden pleasure that you carry inside.
I feel comfortable serving gentlemen who follow the rules of the game, especially respectful and hygienic.
My place is very discreet and has all the comforts to make your stay pleasant.
I wait for you 😘


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Experiences (27)


hace 2 años

I went to meet her and she is a bombshell, very fine and sensual. A very feminine, nice woman with a very sweet voice. The massage service is very professional and what follows… It is better than what is seen in her presentation. I will return without a doubt


hace 2 años

It is a chocolate, the best tantric massage I have received so far and the relaxation is very good, too…


hace 2 años

Appetizing Violet. I'm a veteran who can't resist giving in to sexual apathy. Veteran because I am in the range of seventy-six years. I have already experimented with all the existing methods to achieve normal erections and none of them is efficient for me. The admiration for female bodies keeps me in a state of passionate excitement, it warms me up to a degree of desire to sexually devour the women that I am attracted to, the problem is that my erections are soft but I have a very efficient and very exploratory tongue that even in certain opportunities they can improve the soft ones. Your photographs incite and excite me. Regarding the background that I am telling you, I encourage you to ask for the possibility of an interview-experience and that the result of the game gratifies you and me, well, whatever.


hace 2 años

You are very beautiful, very natural and special. I felt with you like I hadn't felt for many years, I laughed so much that you left my insecurities aside. Thank you for the experience and professionalism provided. love santiago


hace 2 años

The best tantric massage I could have received. Delicate, feminine, fine. A BEAUTY 😍


hace 2 años

Hello I would like to meet you, where are you


hace 2 años

It is so fine and elegant, with a smile that captivates you from the moment you enter, the place is very well decorated, lights, candles, it awaits you with towels and slippers. He is very friendly, offers you something to drink and makes you feel very comfortable. Nothing mechanical, everything is happening and one thing leads to another as if by magic. I was delighted!!! I recommend it, the best to disconnect and relax


hace 2 años

Hello, how should I reserve an appointment, and give me information about the service, thanks


hace 2 años

I just came out of a meeting with her, the photos do not do justice to her bearing, beautiful and delicate, with the hands of a goddess. Let them know that I plan to repeat


1 years ago

Are you available tomorrow, Wednesday? Within walking distance from Intercontinental Hotel?


1 years ago

You are beautiful wherever I look at you. I loved feeling your hands on my body, you are unique magic!


1 years ago

I was treated by a Greek goddess who escaped from Olympus. It was the best sexual massage I had, I shuddered with each caress. You have a sensational body and your eyes drive me crazy. you are my obligatory stop in bs as. successes and see you soon my queen


1 years ago

It left me very relaxed, the skinny one has strength, my bones rattled that released me from the weight I was carrying on my back. The best thing was to feel the heat of his body


1 years ago

It's a doll, it left me new. It was beautiful to see her ride on top of me after those massages that revive the dead. so it's nice to get massages hahaha


1 years ago



1 years ago

she is the cutest, the best masseuse and the best complete experience. The facilities, and building, do not even come close to what she is


1 years ago

the place has all the vibes and she is super cool. the massages are excellent, it doesn't make you want to leave. He plays music for you and you feel like you're on an island in a movie. The end was the best, they never did what this girl did to me, the way she moved, I felt so good that I didn't want to leave hahaha


1 years ago

She is beautiful, I fall in love with her face, her eyes, her lips, everything about her makes you fall in love. she is sweet, tender, her laugh. I want him to kidnap


1 years ago

charming and professional


9 months ago

Beautiful woman 🤩
It was pure pleasure.
Exotic, sensuality, charming, professional… LOVELY


9 months ago

Highly recommend this woman!! The best massages I've ever been given. Sweet, attentive, charismatic and very fiery too!! Besides that she is a wonderful human being. Her massages are spectacular and what follows after, pure sensation. I didn't feel like leaving. I will be back for more!!…


9 months ago

Excellent experience with Violet! One of the best massage sessions I've ever had… And what followed was overwhelming. It left me super relaxed after a hard day at the office. By far the best. Super recommended!! Thank you very much for giving yourself fully, Violeta!!


7 months ago

Today I saw this beauty of woman again. My addiction is like good wine, it gets more exciting and exquisite every day. I recommend it!


7 months ago

Very pleasant moment with Viole, the truth is highly recommended. When she returns, I will call her again because it has been a wonderful experience.


6 months ago

She is totally a goddess of a woman. She just perfect. Beautiful, educated, sensual and imposing


3 months ago



3 weeks ago

He had a fantastic time, I was captivated by his eyes and exotic look. I will return without a doubt

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