Triple income - How to start earning more money as a VIP escort Posted on 15/09/2021 By Carlos

Triple income - How to start earning more money as a VIP escort

If what you are looking for is to triple income like VIP escort You should know that there are easy and low-cost ways to do it. Like all types of businesses, there are those who do badly and those who do well; the variants by which different results are obtained are diverse.

In a city like Buenos Aires, which has a significant tourist and commercial activity, it is easy to find clients who are willing to pay a little more than usual for the company of an escort girl who provides them with a specialized service.

This is why we will talk to you about some things that you should take into account if you want to triple your income in this trade.

VIP escorts can be classified into different categories

Escorts that do not have good results

It is more than obvious that the escorts who do not get good results are doing something wrong. For a trade that has survived and been strengthened over the centuries, in which there have been no incidents due to financial crises, wars, competitions or appearances; for a person to do badly is because they are doing something wrong.

This is why corrective actions must be taken in order to generate much more money. There is a saying that “money calls money”, which means that in order to produce more money, the important thing is to invest what you have properly. It is necessary to pay for advertising, perhaps entering an agency that provides you with a portfolio of clients, offering a greater number of services.

The escorts who do not carry out any of these actions are kept with income varying between 300 USD and 1000 USD per month; which may keep them in a comfortable position, but not enough to live in luxury and in a better way. Therefore, we can consider a financial failure to escorts who remain in that income range.

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Standard escorts

These are the escorts who still manage to triple their income, but earn enough to take care of their appearance and keep their body in shape, which is one of the most basic requirements to offer sexual services.

These Argentinian escorts They are professionals who establish their services between 100 USD and 200 UDS for a service of 2 hours; This allows you to serve 25-26 customers on a monthly basis and spend between $ 500 and $ 1000 in advertising to keep your business moving constantly.

This allows you to earn between $ 2500 and $ 4000 net on a monthly basis. Taking into account that there are months in which a greater number of clients are served than in others, standard escorts can generate up to 7000 USD in a month.

Successful escorts who managed to dominate the business

There are various ways to achieve success such as CABA escorts, one of them may be beauty; perhaps the service you offer or the attention and promotion that are generated. An escort who has managed to dominate the business meets each and every one of these characteristics.

They are women who captivate their clients with their spectacular beauty, keep their bodies in perfect shape, provide a varied amount of services, serve their clients in a personalized way; and they also invest in advertising to keep their business constantly growing.

A mature escort You can triple your income by taking all of these things into consideration. Their fees are typically between $ 500 and $ 700 per session; In addition, they often receive gifts and invitations from clients. Usually these clients are frequent, people who are loyal to the escort's services.

A successful escort manages to generate at least 7000 USD on a monthly basis working independently. If they use an agency as a springboard, they may be able to double this number for a few months before they can become independent with a fixed portfolio of clients.

On average, a VIP escort who has mastered the business can generate about $ 20.000 in a good month; But the chances of tripling income knowing how to invest are even better; We are talking about between $ 50.000 to $ 70.000 per month, taking into account travel, appointments and other services.

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Focus on making the right investments to triple your income, you must know where and when to invest in advertising to keep your business afloat. The more advertising you pay, the more potential clients will contact you; and more customers means more money.

You must also have a variety of services to offer; An escort must be flexible and enjoy her work in order to generate the right amount of dividends. Take care of your figure and health to be able to continue in the business, you do not want to fail and leave this as one more experience of life; it is a business you should be concerned about.

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