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Who I am?

Welcome, I'm Briana Independent Brazilian escort in Palermo

An elegant lady with a versatile passion for eroticism. Do you want to try a special experience? Do you enrich your sexual life or increase the intensity of your sensual sensation?

Then you are in the right direction. As a woman who loves sex and can enjoy it in the end, I always choose the highest quality. I offer exclusivity for my charm, high sexual desire and natural pleasure. My greatest quality is the erotic versatility and uniqueness of multi-orgasms. Enrich and enrich another. Make the deepest fantasies come true.

Love it. I can enjoy long and tender sex, and very intense and extremely wild sex. Mutual respect and hygiene are very important to me. You like my profile? So come early. Who knows, I can enrich your life with a beautiful feeling with increased interest. I'll wait for you. 😘

Bem-vindo, your independent Brazilian briana accompanies an elegant lady with a versatile paixão hair eroticism. Do you want to experience a special experience? Do you enrich your sexual life or increase the intensity of your sensual sensation? Então você is na direção certa. As a woman who loves sex and can enjoy it at the end, she always chooses the highest quality. Exclusive offer of meu charme hair, high sexual desire and natural prazer. Minha higher quality is erotic versatility and singularity of two multiorgasms. Enrich and enrich outro. Realize the deepest fantasies. Love it. Posso enjoy long and term sex, and very intense and extremely jungle sex. Or I respect each other and hygiene is very important to me. Você gosta do meu profile? Then come more I give. You know, I can enrich your life with a beautiful feeling with greater interest. I'll wait for you. 😘


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Experiences (18)


hace 2 años

Hi! I wanted to meet you!


hace 2 años

A bombonazo, the best wave and super beautiful in the face. I visit her once a week, it made me a vice!


hace 2 años

It is spectacular, re beautiful, and all the wave. The best of Palermo


hace 2 años

Argentinian brunette with blood as hot as her Brazilian ancestors. It returns 100% as you treat it. Be careful since you fall in love veryyyyy and you will get into the habit of visiting her very often. I've known her for over a year and stopped looking for another occasional companion. By far the best.


hace 2 años

A candy. Super beautiful face and a fire in bed. I think I fell in love 🙂 since I met her, I was not with anyone else!


hace 2 años

I am absolutely fascinated!
She is a beautiful young girl, amazing smooth shiny skin, beautiful firm body, nice breasts and a Divine tail. The best !!!! It's tail
He has a loving personality, a sense of humor and a very well-groomed appearance!

George A.

hace 2 años

Beautiful girl, sensual, sexy, hot, educated, cuddly, respectful, ready to fulfill all your fantasies. A spectacular body, for this and more I give it a 10 out of 10. 👏🏻👌🏻


hace 2 años

The most beautiful of all. Super accommodating and a fire in bed! I love it, since I met her I did not change more!


1 years ago

Sorry!!! I misread your name. You are Briana and I am Peter. I want to meet YOU! Not Antonella.
(Antonella is the girl who follows you on the website, and I read it wrong. And she lives in Recoleta) I hope you are available today.

The uncle

1 years ago

It's skinny like the photos but it doesn't make her cool and it cracks you to the touch. Far from what they say. I don't recommend it.


1 years ago

Briana! What a woman! I had the opportunity to meet her personally, she is beautiful, sweet, affectionate, with a totally natural body. How she enjoys sex is incredible! She has a beautiful tail!! Super soft skin. I recommend it 100 x 100%.


1 years ago

Briana is a bomb! She has an infernal tail and is the coolest! I like how we connect sexually, she shows that she enjoys our moments and that turns me on! Super recommended!


1 years ago

Sweet Briana. I am a veteran who does not resist indulging in sexual apathy. Veteran because I am in the range of seventy-six years. I have already experimented with all the existing methods to achieve normal erections and none of them are efficient for me. The admiration of female bodies keeps me in a state of passionate excitement, they make me want to sexually devour the women I am attracted to, the problem is that my erections are soft but I have a very efficient and very exploratory tongue that even on certain occasions they can improve the softies. Your photographs incite and excite me. On the background that I tell you, I encourage you to ask you for the possibility of an interview-experience and that the result of the game gratifies you and me, well, whatever.


1 years ago

She is very bossy! Hahahaha it's a joke between her and me. It's amazing, her sense of humor, her physicality, everything about her is incredible. I had rarely enjoyed it as much as I did with it. I count the days to return


9 months ago

When I met Briana 2 years ago, I never thought we would share so much… she is the best! I recommend that you meet her, you will not regret it. 🙂


8 months ago

Briana is an incredible woman, nice body and beautiful tail. She enjoys what she does. highly recommended


6 months ago

This Barbara has an incredible ass, small tits but in tune with that ogt that bounces non-stop, she laughs at everything and loves to fuck. It itches


2 months ago

Just like in the photos, it does not disappoint. Excellent treatment, punctual, does not rush you. Very discreet place, she comes down to greet you.

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